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2019 Goal Setting Can be Small, but Strategic

Here at JH, every single day, we work with merchants, giving the best advice and guidance on defining goals, and bringing together strategic steps in order to achieve them.

Merchants ask, could we double our transaction rates? If we invested in design, what would happen to our conversion rates? Could we increase our average order values? How do we turn our customers into brand advocates?

The constant drive to do more, and for a site that performs better through delighting its customers, is certainly a good thing. But it’s actually the smallest steps in the direction you want to go in, that’ll really impact in kicking off the momentum you need to achieve your overriding ambitions.

Small, but mighty

It’s easy to quit when your big and overwhelming resolutions feel far away, whereas small, achievable goals that build on each other are much more likely to be stuck to and reached. They allow you and your team to feel focused and accomplished, every time you take a step that’s just within your reach.

When the governing body for professional cycling in Great Britain appointed Dave Brailsford as its new performance director in 2003, they never could have predicted the power of his commitment to a “marginal gains” strategy.

Brailsford said, “If you broke down everything you could think of that goes into riding a bike, and then improve it by one percent, you will get a significant increase when you put them all together.”

Just five years after Brailsford took over, the British Cycling team dominated the road and track cycling events. During the ten-year span from 2007 to 2017, British cyclists won 178 world championships and 66 Olympic or Paralympic gold medals and captured 5 Tour de France victories in what is widely regarded as the most successful run in cycling history.

There is huge power in lots of small changes.

Ask, where are the 1% improvements that you can make across your online store? By breaking down each element and looking to improve each just a little, will equate to one huge improvement to your whole commerce offering. Can you improve your websites speed, usability, content, imagery, checkout, returns process, customer service and every other element by 1%? What about a 5% improvement? Or 10%? Start with one step, and you will find yourself headed towards the most successful run in your eCommerce history.

What are you waiting for?

Remaining curious and taking small steps prevents stagnation and gives you and your whole team something to be passionate about. Keep wondering what’s next so that when December rolls around again you can look back and generate a huge list of accomplishments for your year.

All that is left to say is Happy New Year and congratulations on working in an ever-evolving industry at the heart of progression and innovation.