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5 Ways that Magento Enterprise is Better for Customer Experience

With more and more retailers focussing an increasing share of their resources on eCommerce, merchants face stiffer competition than ever online. And when trying to get the attention (and, let’s face it, money) of shoppers, sites not only have to be aesthetically en pointe and fast, they also need to offer an exceptional experience, from research phase through to checkout, and then bring them back for more.

So why do so many of the world’s largest brands opt for Magento Enterprise in these testing times? Put simply, because it’s the platform that gives merchants the power to create unique and engaging shopping experiences that drive conversions.

5 ways that’s done…

1. Content Staging / Preview 

With Enterprise, staging, previewing and scheduling a wide range of content is a far simpler exercise. This feature involves user-friendly tools, that improve on efficiency and speed. The clear layout of the new timeline dashboard gives merchants a quick overview of all scheduled updates, so multiple campaigns are much easier to manage.

Enterprise Edition 2.1 allows merchants to preview edits quickly, and features links to staged content – all that can be shared with colleagues easily. Previewing adjustments is possible too in the checkout stage, to make sure that sales and promotions have been calculated accurately.

  1. Engaging Experiences, Including Upsell and Resell 

Today’s customer wants to see clearly what they’re buying. Great product descriptions, detailed images, and video too. With Enterprise this is all standard, the video on the platform taking things further, letting customers get the ultimate look at the products they’re interested in.

Below the product images and video of the item selected by the customer, they’ll also find some personalised and related products that are popular to be bought along with the item – maximising the potential spend from each customer.

With Enterprise it’s easy for merchants to create upsell and cross-sell product rules to help drive sales. So now they can set rules in the admin to make sure that when customers are viewing a product, they get suggestions for related or similar items for them to purchase alongside.

Gifting options also serve to engage customers and drive sales, are easily configured in Enterprise. Within the gifting options you are able to create digital or physical gift cards/certificates, gift wrapping on individual items, and special gift messages on printed cards. Gift wrapping and messages are offered at the point of checkout. Specific gifting options are completely customisable through the Magento admin.

  1. Customer Segmentation and Personalisation

One of the best ways to grow conversion is through providing customers with a personalised experience. Magento Enterprise contains lots of features allowing you to personalise your customers’ experience. It notes, even for guest users, what they’re interested in, tracing each item search for and clicked on. Once the customer meets certain conditions, they’ll be funnelled into a group. This goes beyond the customer group tool that’s available in Magento Community.

When a customer returns to look at more items, they’re presented first with a personalised view of items they might be most interested in, based on their behaviour over previous visits. This is all managed via dynamic segmentation.


For guest visitors, Enterprise takes account of browsing history, what’s in the shopping cart, and what the value of the shopping cart is too. For registered users they’ll experience an even more personalised experience. With their purchase history being taken account of too. They can experience personalised banners and offers and any VIP pricing they’re entitled to.

  1. Targeted Promotions

With Enterprise, merchants can easily create relevant promotions to entice existing customers to spend more, as well as to attract new customers altogether. The easily manipulated dashboard allows for impressive specificity, such as targeting customers who:

  • Have certain items in their wishlist
  • Are using a specific coupon
  • Recently browsed a certain item
  • Are regular customers
  • Have loyalty accounts
  • Always opt for a certain size or style of item

Type of discount applicable can be quickly selected, such as:

  • % off
  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Free Shipping
  • Fixed amounts
  • Buy X get Y free

Related banners can then be used to reinforce the promotion and scheduled for when you want the campaign to go live

  1. The Checkout

When it comes to checkout, the aim is to drive customers through, reducing cart abandonment. The seamless checkout experience in Enterprise, showing a thumbnail of the product being ordered at all times, reduces the opportunity and likelihood for customer re-think at this crucial time.

Magento have certainly done their research into what makes a checkout process easy and fast, so as to avoid annoying or distracting the customer. In Enterprise, when shoppers “proceed to checkout” from the shopping cart, they’re just 2-3 clicks from confirming their purchase, especially quick for customers logged in to their account.

Once they’ve proceeded, they’re taken to a secure page. From this point on, the goal is to gather the information necessary to complete the transaction. The checkout page leads handhelds the customer through each step of the process.