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The Advantages of a Bespoke React Native App

It can provide a truly personal offering

Once a user has downloaded your app to their device, they have a direct link to it. When they choose to interact with it, they’re making a discrete decision to open your app, and your app alone. When speaking to users, this came up surprisingly often. Users feel a greater sense of ownership over their curated list of apps on their device. If they have chosen your app for their device, that shows the kind of brand awareness and loyalty that’s worth appreciating.

It can provide a truly unique offering

Going for a custom-designed, bespoke application means that your app will be completely unique to your brand. The layout, the user flow, the animations, and any extra features will all be built from the ground up to work specifically for you. This will not only make your app memorable, but also help to make it a better experience for your users.

The UX flow can be honestly focused on your customers, not just a standard eCommerce flow

Every store might need a different kind of user journey. A bespoke application can focus on your individual needs, and provide a high-quality, polished experience in those key areas. You may want to highlight product videos, and do it effectively with the challenges of limited bandwidth and small screens. You might want to allow your customers to upload their own images for customisation. You may even want to use cutting-edge features like augmented reality. Whatever it is, it will feel truly integrated when it’s designed to include these features from the very start.

You can take advantage of your domain speciality

You know your customers and your unique offering better than anyone else – your custom app can reflect that. Add features and insights that really separate you in the marketplace. You could even make your app more than just an interface to your existing e-commerce store, but an indispensable tool.

It’s a more memorable experience – either through functionality or design, you can provide something unique and personal

When building a fully custom service, you have the ability to create a unique and memorable experience. Maybe it could be through design- like displaying images or animations at particular points of the user journey. Maybe it could be through interactions, like fun animations based on the user input. Or maybe it could be through functionality, like providing tools to help the customer beyond their shopping experience.

You’ll have the options of providing utility beyond just eCommerce

The knowledge of how customers end up using your products can inspire unique features in an app. IKEA was one of the first to make good use of the iPhone’s ARKit, allowing customers to accurately model how their furniture would appear in their home.  For Selco, JH developed custom calculators and project management tools to offer a rich and useful experience beyond the normal eCommerce flow.

It’s a modern promotional tool

You can think of an app like a more modern version of promotional “swag” like stationery. Instead of carrying around your branded pen or notebook, they’re carrying around your branded app. It’s a useful tool that forms a positive association in people’s minds.

A focused project can prompt new ideas

As a business owner, you’ll want to think carefully about exactly what you want from a mobile app. Considering a new, tightly focused project can prompt an evaluation on business and marketing priorities, and should reaffirm your unique offering. Ideally, the app should align with these values.