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Bags all Packed for Magento Imagine

For Jamie Huskisson, Janak Kika, and John Knowles it’s time to head off US-bound. They’re eager to hear from the best in the industry, and this year’s line-up looks awesome. Imagine is the perfect place to exchange ideas too, so meeting so many other partners is going to be a real treat. 

Imagine is the biggest event by far on the Magento calendar. And amongst the pluses of going there’s:

  • Finding out about Magento new releases, and how they’ll benefit business 
  • Networking with partners, developers, strategists, and innovators in the industry
  • Nurture and build relationships in this famously-strong community
  • Hear the talks from a diverse group of speakers 
  • Attend MageHackathon and PreImagine 

Here we catch up with Jamie, Janak, and John, to find out what they’re most looking forward to.


“I’m looking forward to meeting lots of old friends and people I’ve gotten to know since Magento was first released: Lots of us came up together within the community, so it’s always great to talk.

“Honestly, there are too many talks to mention when it comes to what I’m looking forward to! They’ve done a great job of diversifying the topics this year, but my focus will be on customer results, business intelligence.

“As we’re up for the best mobile user experience category i’m interested in the “Improving Mobile Conversation: The 50% You’re Missing” to see how much our own workflow is talked about in the talk.”

“Last year, when we won the Excellence Award for Mobile Experience with our work for our client Sunspel, we were obviously really upset we weren’t there to pick it up. And now, knowing that we’ve been shortlisted for an award, for the same category with our Perch and Parrow project, we’re hyped to be going!

“I’m looking forward to meeting other partners and sharing project practices. A month or so ago Magento announced Serena Williams as keynote speaker too. So obviously, I can’t wait to hear her talk about how her drive got her to her level of success. And as well as all that, we’ll be hearing about 2.2, the latest version to be released, and its impact on our existing and future projects.”

“Magento has an incredible global development community, and finally getting to meet some of the friends we’ve made over years from the other side of the Atlantic is something I’m really looking forward to at this years Magento Imagine.

“I’m excited to see that this year Magento Imagine is addressing diversity in technology. At JH diversity in the workplace is extremely important and something we’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into. The Increasing Diversity in Tech talk is one I’ll be attending.

“Security is a huge part of day to day lives working in E-Commerce this makes “The Future of Active Magento Cyber Security” an essential part of Magento Imagine for me. Another talk I’m looking forward to is “Leveraging Microservices for Optimal Cloud Performance”. As the demand for scalable cloud infrastructure increases the usage microservices to help easily scale key areas of systems is becoming more prevalent.”

If you’re attending Magento Imagine too, drop us a line at – it’d be great to catch up.