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Becoming a code instructor for

I am a huge fan of online learning resources such as Treehouse,, and Code School. I’ve been a member of each and every one at some point in the last of couple of years and think they are all excellent in certain areas.

Recently however, I’ve been mostly consuming the video content over at They provide, in their own words: “Bite-sized video training for AngularJS, React, D3, and many other essential modern web technologies”. This type of digestible content is great for just dipping in and out when a new piece of tech sparks your interest, or when you want to just learn a particular JS method or technique.

I can actually remember when it first launched; it was the place to find Angular JS tutorials — which is still is today — but now, along with continuing to provide all of the bleeding edge stuff, it also has lessons and series covering the basics of web development, making it great for beginners too!

Becoming an instructor

After spotting one of my Browsersync screencasts late one night, the guys over at Egghead invited me to audition to become an instructor. Wow! I was extremely excited by this invitation, especially since I am a pro subscriber; the thought of having my own content available there was just amazing! So, with a huge amount of both nerves and excitement, I created and submitted my audition video to them.

After some minor feedback (it ended up being slightly too long, so we split it into four separate videos) it got accepted and now exists as a Gulp + Browserify Tutorial.

So, I am now an official Egghead instructor. My next round of contributions are already being published in as beginner-focused series covering Javascript Array methods in depth (with many of the videos being free). I encourage you to check them out, and let us know if you enjoy them.