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Our Careers Lecture at Nottingham Trent University

Wanting to make sure they got the full picture of the roles there are out there in agencies like ours, we took Oli Chenery from Design, Shane Osborne from Front-end and Developer Michael Woodward, all fronted by Lead Designer Joe Russell who led the show – asking them questions around how they got into their field, and for advice on what students should be thinking about right now, to give them the best chance of landing the best jobs.

We picked the team to go pretty carefully. Making sure we had an interesting mix, some engaging stories of how their careers kicked-off. So, for instance, take Michael: He went to University, had a sandwich year in industry, and was forever pushing himself with coding of all kinds with side projects in down time.

Then there’s Shane, creator of tool Browsersync, who up until a few years ago was working in the landscaping trade in his family’s business. When he figured they should really get a website, he set about reading on how that’s done, built one, realised he could do it, and well…. basically that was that.

Designer Oli studied Interactive Media when he went to Uni, and so a different background from the digital web design world he’s now in. He told the students about how he got interested in web, and how, hired for JH by Joe, his background now offers something different to the team too.

Speaking like this always gives the indulgence of being able to reflect on what we’ve got and why that works: To be proud of the team, with all our backgrounds, interests, and – sorry about this – journeys. Hopefully it gave the students some helpful advice, and some self-starting motivation. The messages from everyone might have been unique, but really the general consensus was that to do well, you’ve got to have a love for what you do. As Michael said, “We get paid to do our hobby”, and really, what more could you want for?

Really chuffed with how the lecture was received, we’re all looking forward to more work with students and graduates over the coming year. If you’re a student or recent graduate who’d like to know more about the opportunities we have at JH, check out our jobs page or drop us an email at Follow us on twitter too, we’re @wearejh