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Graham and Green’s Header Success

Screenshot of the upper navigation and header of the Graham and Green website.


increase in site conversions from the updated header


additional increase in conversions from the new catalogue search

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The Client

Graham and Green is a leading home furnishing retailer, cultivating a vibrant collection of exotic homeware products over its 50 years in business. As one of JH’s longest clients, we have been working in partnership for seven years to ensure their eCommerce provision remains one of the best in class.

The Challenge

Before the launch, they’d noticed some stalling in their online sales growth but couldn’t understand why. They needed to be guided to a solution that revitalised their digital presence and increased customer conversion rates through their site.

Our UX team determined the visual clutter in their header as a significant obstacle for customers, who were left frustrated and unable to find what they were looking for.

We also identified that their search bar was infuriatingly elusive, hidden from the navigation as the user journeyed down the page. This needed to be exposed better, allowing the high conversions of search-driven journeys to be capitalised on.

The Solution

JH developed and launched a new and improved header to coincide with their 50th birthday celebrations, maximising the expected increased site traffic. 

Our decluttering process was simple but effective. We leveraged an updated colour palette and beautiful iterations of its logo that reflected its impressive anniversary. 

Streamlined navigation was achieved through a “sticky” search bar. This element lingers front and centre and is primed to provide highly personalised product suggestions that delight the customer into conversions.

Screenshot of the upper navigation and header of the Graham and Green website on desktop.

The Results

Amazing things can come in tiny packages, and this specialist deployment of our innovative solution at the perfect time has reaped great rewards for Graham and Green:

  • 15-20% increase in site conversions after deployment of the new header within just a week of going live. This substantial uplift demonstrated the effectiveness of enhancing user interface and experience.
  • An additional 7% increase in conversions came from the side-by-side launch of the anniversary catalogue, signalling strong customer interest and engagement with the new, more easily accessible offerings.

Overall, these enhancements boosted conversions and significantly increased top-line revenue. Is there a better 50th birthday present JH could’ve given Graham and Green?

Screenshot of the upper navigation and header of the Graham and Green website on mobile.

The Conclusion

Graham and Green’s trust in JH’s strategic thinking and full buy-in to all our suggested updates to their digital assets have paid off. We’ve delivered a massive increase in customer conversions and overall business growth. 

This project exemplifies how targeted eCommerce improvements, often mistaken as minor vanity tweaks, in the hands of the right agency, can dramatically improve business metrics and client satisfaction.

The Testimonial

I very much enjoy working with JH, they not only have some of the best experts in Adobe Commerce, but they do so with a commercial focus, understanding the levers to pull to increase revenue. I specifically value the candid, understanding relationship; they’re more like peers than an agency. Finally, I have to mention the direct access to developers, who aren’t siloed away and are always interested in the workings of the business beyond the ecommerce platform

Matt Medlyn – Head of eCommerce, Graham and Green

The Next Step

Interested in how JH can increase your conversion rates and bottom line? 

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