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David Manners on the UK’s Mage Contribution Day at JH

Tell us about your involvement with Mage Contributions Days

As part of the community engineering team of Magento I am here to support the communities push towards contribution. As a team we try to make ourselves as available and welcoming as possible during the contribution days so that people feel relaxed to come and ask us questions they have about contribution.

Why are Magento Contribution Days important for the Magento community?

Having gone through the phase of not easily being able to contribution to the Magento code base contribution in general is massively important to the community. It allows everyone involved in the community to really shape the future of Magento. I personally see contribution days as a great starting point in the process of contribution. These are places that you can come, maybe as someone who has never contributed before, and find out in depth how technically to contribute and what opportunities there are for contribution in the Magento ecosystem.

What can a new-comer expect on the day?

We like to start the day of explaining some of the basics of working with git and github to provide contributions. We then move onto showing people how to find tasks, whether that is in the main project or one of the community driven projects such as MSI. It is a successful day for me if we can take one person from not knowing how to contribute to knowing the process and having the passion to take that knowledge and start regularly contributing to Magento.

You’ll be at the UK day, on the 24th March, is there any way you’d advise developers to prep for the day?

I would recommend people read through our guides for contribution, testing, and backwards compatible development

Want to join in?

9-10am Coffee and intros

10-11am How to contribute

11-1pm Development time

1-2pm Lunch

2-4pm Development time

4-5pm Demos and closing presentations

5pm onwards – Drinks and chat

Register for free on Eventbrite, then come down to 34a Stoney Street, Nottingham, NG1 1NB, on Saturday 24th March for a jam-packed day.