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The Design Team’s January Round-Up

This time it's Senior Designer Warren Challenger rounding up what's been catching the Design team's eye this month.


Floating Labels are Problematic

Floating labels are problematic

It’s very rare that you’ll find any website or application without input fields. The smallest of tweaks to your form UI can have a considerable effect on your completion levels. One of the fundamental questions when designing form UI is where to place the labels. One of the options is a floating UI; with nine points, Silver runs you through the reasons why you should be rethinking this choice.

Glossier’s Mobile Navigation

It’s good practice to adhere to conventions in design. Kokott argues that in some cases these conventions emerge for the wrong reasons and aren’t backed up by any real evidence. Kokott believes the hamburger icon is one of them. On a mobile device, the menu is the key to unlocking the content on your website, so why not make your content more accessible?

UX Metrics

UX Metrics: Identify Trackable Footprints and Avoid the Woozles

To fully understand users, you need to understand their story. Run of the mill Google metrics are only observations, without the full story; we can’t fully understand what needs to change.

Maybe “time on page” is a good thing? We think it says people spent a lot of time looking around at all our great content? Or is “time on page” a bad thing? We believe it means people spent a lot of time being confused about what’s on the page? Spool recognises that metrics can be read two ways and reminds us that more meaningful metrics come from more in-depth observations.


Active Theory

Active Theory Portfolio

What we loved: Admired for their digital work and experiences, Active Theory have relaunched their portfolio. Using advanced techniques they have produced a great example of what can be accomplished online.


Photoshop for Designers who don’t use Photoshop

What we loved: Today, the majority of digital designers now use something other than Adobe Photoshop. Unfortunately for photo editing, there is nothing better. With bite-size videos, this website can teach you the basics.

Wes Anderson

Accidentally Wes Anderson

What we loved: We love the style and symmetry used in Wes Anderson films. Seeing inspirational real-world locations makes us want to jump on a plane with camera in hand, alongside Bill Murray of course.

CSS Glitch

CSS Glitch Effect

What we loved: The glitch effect is bang on trend for this year. There are many complex ways to achieve this effect; we like this article because it breaks the challenge down into easily digestible chunks.


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