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The Design Team’s September Round-Up

Head of Design, Joseph Russell, collates our favourite bits of design from September, including an evaluation of flat UI, an innovative new map, and our recent redesign.


More Padding Please

With a series of real life examples, this article from Wayfair quickly dispels the myth that “white space is wasted space”, and establishes the important role that margins and padding play in achieving effective designs. Ample spacing has the power to establish connections and divisions, thereby organising a page, and guiding the user’s eye through the content.

How to Get E-Commerce Customers Coming Back After Their First Purchase

A lot of attention is given to turning prospects into customers, but customer retention is equally important, especially if you consider that return customers have higher conversion rates. Email remains one of the best ways to re-engage them, and this article lays out a handful of ways to prompt a post-sale journey, including product recommendations and “welcome back” offers.

Flat UI Elements Attract Less Attention and Cause Uncertainty

The flat aesthetic has spread to all corners of UI design, propelled largely by the style of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Material system. In this article, NN Group share research which suggests that not only has this trend expelled skeuomorphism, it has swept away many of the visual cues and conventions that make a website easier to navigate and interact with.



What we loved: Yes this is our own site, but we’re proud of the way it showcases the brilliant work we’ve been doing, including our refreshed branding.

Section 32

What we loved: a one-page website, with a simple layout, is brought to life by colourful gradients and content that ebbs and flows as you scroll through the page.

Garden Museum

What we loved: this rebrand by Pentagram achieves an appropriately organic feel with Matisse-style paper cut icons and a colour palette that rotates with the seasons.


  • After the Flood have released a font to conveniently place sparkline charts into text
  • A concept for ecological branding that requires less resources to mass produce
  • This prototype map from Mapbox plots destinations by travel time, rather than distance
  • We’ve had a good chuckle at the responses to the iPhone X’s divisive notch
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