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The Design Team’s August Round-Up

Dwayne Codling from the Design team tells us what's been catching their eyes over the last month.


‘Free Shipping’ Should Not Only Be in a Site-Wide Banner

Where is the best location to place your free shipping notice? This article tells you, and gives you a key insight into why it makes key financial sense to follow these steps in other to prevent cart abandonment. It digs deep into research data that verifies the findings that just having “free shipping” in a banner will fail to generate more sales, as a lot of site visitors have grown to ignore banners, seeing them as a form of advertisement.

How to Create a Picture Perfect Product Page for Your Ecommerce Business

This practical guide breaks down the five key steps that you need to cover in order to guarantee that your Product Page is designed to provide the best experience for visitors. Good product photography, optimisation for speed, informative content copy, the ideal placement of key elements — all will help you to achieve a winning formula that will maximise your ROI.

Speed matters on the mobile web, but perception of speed is just as important.

Fully detailed breakdown how speed can impact significantly on your business as 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if the page take longer than 3 seconds to load. The Awwwards and Google collaboration document is a must read and gives you and handful of key takeaways for your website and app that if followed will instantly benefit mobile users. “Pretty isn’t enough” and speed  or the perception of speed impacts user behaviour on your website. The document give you the tricks and techniques to better aid you in crafting highly performant websites that appeal to your audience.



Tadao Ando’s Hill of Buddha

What we loved: The stunning transformation of the Makomanai Takino cemetery grounds which is the home of the stone Buddha, emphasises the point home that sometimes the best way to push a key feature beyond just being interesting to Supernatural is by slowly revealing its layers piece by piece.This one is definitely worth a look.   


What we loved: When the 605 a new data analytics and audience measurement company  asked for a new identity and branding by New York, NY and San Francisco, CA-based COLLIN there was only going to be one outcome. Eye-catching and mind manipulating, see how well text and number can work seamlessly.  

Branding the Moon

What we loved: this one was fun. it’s cool sometimes to get out of that box and branch out —, what’s better than looking towards the stars for inspiration?. This rebranding of the moon website by design agency BREVITY, will literally take you to the moon.



—  The Luna Display by Astro HQ, this small but powerful usb device may give the iPad new amazing functionality, and actually revolutionise the way we work or play with our trusty iPad. Also, the fact that this will work via wireless or usb makes it a must have piece of technology.

— Nick Taylor’s concept for a Google Bank Loan Application. with the boom of the fintech market in recent times, due to firms like Monzo, this concept might not be too far fetched, nicely designed and animated.

— Sarah Drasner’s slideshow SVG can do THAT?! takes you through a barrage of impressive svg animations and links directly to their Codepens, showing you what is possible with SVG and the variety of ways they can be used to solve design and performance issues.

Going to Meetups can be a bit daunting; meeting new people and chatting. These five useful examples will help you get past that initial awkwardness.

With the upcoming Apple Keynote on the 12th September there has been so many pundits betting on what will be announced and what the next iPhone and UI will be like. I am not a betting man but Max Rudberg punt I feel might not be so far away from what’s announced, lets see.

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