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Designer’s July Round-Up

This time our Front-end Developer Dwayne Codling takes to the blog to tell us what's been catching the team's eyes over the last month.


17 stats that show why CX is so important

This article provides key facts that you can use in your client meetings when discussing the need for further investment into better customer experience (CX) on a website or app. It provides stats that support the idea that giving customers an experience which is consistent across every channel, online and offline, is by far the best way to guarantee ROI. With 57% of businesses considering their CX “mediocre”, there’s a clear opportunity to gain a competitive advantage for developing a coherent strategy.

5 Google Analytics Segments (and How to Use Them to Increase Revenue)

Google Analytics (GA) is often like an iceberg, with the best insights hidden under the surface. This tutorial helps you peel back the layers and make the data more relevant to you by separating the data by factors like demographic or technology. It really gives you a better understanding of how powerful GA is and how it’s so widely under utilised. It’s stacked with practical examples and aimed at a level where you don’t have to be a genius to pick up a few useful ways of dividing up your users to get more from your data.

How to Improve Your Ecommerce Store’s User Experience (and Pay Less to Sell More)

This article is an excellent read as it points out four key areas to improve the UX design on ecommerce stores. For me, the most significant point is how copy can make or break a user’s experience by responding to a user’s fears and doubts, and that the visual design of a website takes second place. The best method is to design around your content, responding to your audience, and not vice versa.


Kirigami Art of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Best Architectural Works

What we loved: Artist Marc  Hagan-Guirey use of karigami to pay homage to the Prairie style architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Phabit device rewards your daily exercise by keeping a plant alive

What we loved: Want a way to guarantee that you keep up with your daily exercise routine going? This app is a sure-fire way keep on track by linking your exercise activities to a living object. It’ll get you up and moving, give it a try!

Lifestyles of the Meat and Famous

What we loved: This detailed case study, explains the intricate redesign process of Famous Dave’s chain of barbecue restaurants in the U.S. taking us through the process step by step.


— Dribble Shot is a instagram shot post by Marc David Spengler, shows you what time effort with your sketchbook will lead ultimately to developmental growth and progression.

Email Design Trends of 2017 (so far) designing emails can be fun and creative task look at some of the coolest email design trends and get inspired.

Lehigh by Grayhood | Lost Type Co-op this lovely design site showcasing the Lehigh type is wonderful it sells itself.

Booking.com — UX Analysis and Responsive Redesign – full walkthrough of all the different methodologies and the practical applications in order to do a full redesign of booking.com websites.

2016 | 50 Covers Selections  if you love typography design, feast your eyes on this, it gives strong visual imagery without need for pictures and brings to life the concept that word’s are powerful, well in this case letters are.

100 Days of Vector Illustration fancy challenging yourself and inspiring others do it for 100 days.

3 Social Media Facts eCommerce Businesses Can’t Ignore

3 Social Media Facts eCommerce Businesses Can’t Ignore

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Designer’s June Round-Up

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DiBi Conference – Our Round-Up

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