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Designer’s June Round-Up

Here are June's must-reads and creative inspiration from Designer, Jordan Dobney


I Bought a Sofa Online and Good UX Sealed the Deal

Persuading visitors to part with their money on something as big as a sofa online is no easy feat. This article on Joybird’s shopping experience is a solid breakdown of how good UX can leave customers feeling confidence in their decision to buy big-ticket items online. Joybird have been able to provide a well-considered approach to the customer journey, through things such as detailing complex concepts though visuals, allowing customers to view products in-situ, and showing fabrics in true colour.

No Mobile Share Buttons

It turns out only two out of every 1000 mobile users ever tap a custom share button. This means on smaller devices where screen real estate is valuable, taking up important space with buttons that won’t ever be clicked if they are loaded with JS isn’t a good UX decision. That doesn’t mean they are completely redundant though – there are cases where users are 20X more likely to click, Josh Clark from Big Medium reveals.

Inclusive Design Principles

A topic that has been a focus of this month, accessibility and the web. How much more can we do to ensure all visitors are getting the best experience from your website? Here are some great patterns anyone can apply and why they are important for users of all abilities.


7 Million Nutella Jars

What we loved: Nutella deciding boring packaging has had it’s time and let’s an algorithm design 7 million unique and expressive labels.

Shopify Redesigned

What we loved: The Shopify interface gets a fresh and unified look across all their platforms. With emphasis on usability and helping merchants manage their complex stores, the design looks much cleaner and user friendly.

A Rounder Twitter

What we loved: Twitter rolls out a new, more rounded UI. Changes to the interface have seen redesigned iconography, elements like avatars, DM messages and buttons have been ’softened’ in appearance and more settings added to aid those with visual impairments.


— This month’s JH staff Dribbble pick: Beautiful typography and illustration from Kendrick Kidd

Old World Monkeys take the spotlight in these gritty illustrations

— With the release of Sketch 44 comes some brand new Group Resizing tools

— How’s your kerning game? Test your skills against a typographer’s with KernType

Goode Co, a Houston, TX, family owned range of restaurants get a brand new look.

Design Digest: Mobile Menus, On-boarding Flows, Stabilo Boss Adverts

Design Digest: Mobile Menus, On-boarding Flows, Stabilo Boss Adverts

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We’re sponsoring Milton Keynes Geek Night

We’re sponsoring Milton Keynes Geek Night

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Static Development from the eyes of a front-end developer

Static Development from the eyes of a front-end developer

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