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Today we educated the future

Our first front-end workshop for Foundation Multimedia students was a success! Led by our very own Joseph Russell, and assisted by Chris Bailey and course organiser Dwayne Codling, we started with the basics of HTML. The workshop allowed students to code along with Joe and get one-on-one help anytime they needed it.

The students from NCN have given us some brilliant feedback about our first class. Edward Bennett said, “(The) workshop was brilliant! Great insight into industry standards, perfect for me wanting to be a web developer!” James Bedford also praised us, “(A) great workshop from JH.¬†Very helpful and I’ve learnt a lot from Joe.”

The next workshop will introduce theming webpages with CSS. In the near future we will also be running workshops on media queries and jQuery. These workshops are enabling the students to code their own websites for the end of year project.

Speaking after the workshop, Joe said: “We’ve been working closely with Dwayne to redefine the web design module, setting the tasks and standards, but it’s invaluable to have face-time with the students. Speaking to them in person is the best way to share our experience, provide support and hopefully inspire one or two future web designers”.

These workshops are all part of the work JH has been doing with New College Nottingham to educate the future of web design and development.