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Improve Customer Experience with a Move to Magento 2

At first glance, migrating to Magento 2 would seem to be a technical decision with technological benefits. But when you break down the upgrades that have been made, and the features introduced, you will quickly recognise that the Magento 2 platform has been devised to offer improved shopping experiences right out of the box.

Mobile Friendly

Many merchants will be building on the demo theme for Magento 2: Luma. A core feature of this new theme is a responsive design that thoughtfully accommodates the constraints of small screens, touch input, and mobile bandwidth. For anyone still offering a fixed width, or subdomain solution to their mobile traffic, this is a convenient way to finally make the leap to a modern front-end. For the very best small-screen experience, it may be necessary to build a bespoke theme from scratch and sweat every detail of the design. To that end, Magento provides a “Blank” theme as a foundation.

Some small screen layouts available in the Luma theme
Some small screen layouts available in the Luma theme

PWA Support

The top optimisation we recommend to clients, which lifts conversion rates time after time, is making the site faster. With a lean theme and optimised hosting, Magento 2 can achieve a snappy performance, particularly for shoppers on their phone. The mobile experience is going to be further enhanced as Magento roll out their Progressive Web App (PWA) tools. These will empower developers to harness the benefits of PWA in order to create a new generation of online stores that raise satisfaction, encourage engagement, and improve conversion.

Simpler Checkout

The checkout process has received a major rethink by Magento. The six-step journey is gone, replaced by a leaner two-step checkout that gets users from basket to completion far quicker. The new design incorporates a lot of proven good practice like a default “guest” mode for new users, fewer input fields to fill in, and clear communication of progress. Email recognition and saved information streamlines things further for existing customers. It all adds up to less abandonment, more conversion.

The simplified layout and process of Magento 2 checkout
The simplified layout and process of Magento 2 checkout

Improved Search

Getting users to the right products, in less time, makes a purchase more likely. In aid of this, the default search engine in Magento 2 has been upgraded by integrating Elasticsearch technology. On the front-end, automatic suggestions, corrections, and completions are provided to assist the user. Behind the scenes, the simpler configuration of things like attribute weighting and synonyms empowers merchants to improve result quality over time. These combine with high-speed processing to provide an overall search experience that is fast, helpful, and relevant.

B2B Features

Following the release of Magento 2.2, a suite of B2B functionality is available without the need for third-party modules. This update included useful tools for merchants to manage accounts, but it also provided valuable customer-facing features that streamline the buying process for busy business customers. For example, orders can be quickly built via SKU or CSV, baskets can be converted to quotes for negotiation, and frequent orders can be stored as requisition lists. This allows merchants to offer the expected level of service with little development work.

The quick order tool fast tracks basket building
The quick order tool fast tracks basket building

If you want to find out more about moving to Magento 2, then we’re ready to outline the benefits for your business and walk through the migration process. Just get in touch.