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The JH heroes have been geeking out

On arrival to Milton Keynes we were treated to some tasty food/cocktails at Turtle Bay and I think it’s safe to say their sweet potato chips were out of this world. After being refueled by caribbean awesomeness, and now moving slightly slower, it was time to head down to MKGN held at The Buzsy.

For those who may be unsure:

MK Geek Night is a quarterly Milton Keynes based evening event for the creatives in the web industries. A chance for people to meet up over a few beers, and chat about the web, design, UX, development, creativity, photography and more. As well as a chance to talk, MK Geek Night is an opportunity to see some of the best speakers in the creative space – for free. It’s like a mini-conference in an evening.”

Sounds good right ?

The night kicked off with Dan Donald sharing some very interesting thoughts on the topic of responsive design. It was really interesting to hear his experiences and the approach he takes with RWD, but also very reassuring to hear many of the techniques he uses, we also use here at JH.

Moving swiftly on

After a short break a small line up of 5 minute speakers took to the stage, the first of whom was Robert Bavington, who spoke about some of the tools he uses when approaching responsive website design, followed by Mark McCulloch. Mark gave a great talk on what we should be thinking about when posting online, he gave good examples of how to tell a story across social media and how to approach posting, leaving us with Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, a book by social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk. The last of the 5 minute speakers was Ben Seymour, who talked about srcset. Being something I barely know about I found this interesting, as srcset gives designers/developers the ability to change and control an image based on screen size and pixel density.

After the first set of speakers, ‘one minute wonders’ had the opportunity to put down their drinks and grab the microphone and pitch, inform or recruit to the audience. Joseph Russell, one of the JH Heros, grabbed the opportunity to tell everyone about a fantastic tool that we use and created in-house called BrowserSync:

“BrowserSync makes your workflow faster by synchronising URLs, interactions and code changes across multiple devices. It’s wicked-fast and totally free”.

The end is near

The final talk given by Ben MacGowan, was about UX and Animation. He spoke about the Do’s and Don’ts of how to use animation, not to mention some shocking examples of how not to use animation. Most importantly he spoke about the research that should be done before we start designing to get the best UX possible.

This ended a great night of drinks, food and enlightening talks. As a MKGN newbie I found the event to be both fun and interesting, and would recommend going and popping your MKGN cherry, but be quick to act and get your ticket before they sell out. Also arrive early, the free drink tokens go as quickly as the spaces to sit down.