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JH honoured to have worked on the Magento 2 Developer Exam

With the increasing demands of eCommerce development, certification has never been more vital, in order to prove a developer’s authenticity and specialism with a platform. Asking a Magento if they’re certified is one of the best and quickest indicators of someone’s level of experience. The certifications themselves are renownedly thorough, and are designed to validate that developers have really worked with the platform in sufficient. So, unsurprisingly, we were proud to be writing the exam that’ll become the standard for Developers to work towards.

Our Head of Development, John Knowles, and Lead Developer Michael Woodward, headed to London at the end of January 2018: “The collective minds we had in the room and what we achieved in four days together is something to we can be proud of”, John says, adding, “The best part is knowing the how much this exam has been anticipated and the impact it is going to have on the Magento Community, the partner network, and Magento developers all over the world.”

Michael tells us it’s an experience that he won’t be forgetting any time soon: “It was an awesome experience to be with some of the best Magento specialists, to help shape the future of developer certifications”

At JH, we’ve four developers certified already, and the rest are on there way to being. And today, we really couldn’t be prouder that we can always say we were a part of writing this industry-leading exam.