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JH at MagentoLive France 2017

There was so much for Magento to cover – including lots on 2016 being the first year of independence, and of course the first full year with the Magento 2 platform. The impressive stats would have been able to speak for themselves, but hearing the insightful interpretations of why the results were so positive from the outset, was really good for all of us in the Magento community.

As we’ve been fully on board with Magento 2 from the off, the talks couldn’t have been more relevant if they’d been only for us. Our projects on Magento 2 are our biggest success stories to date, but of course some  discussions about dealing with year 1 release issues, certainly had an element of appeal for all who’d been there from the start.

Speakers also shared important commerce trends and insights for 2017, including the maturing of omnichannel and the rise in B2B eCommerce growth. It was a great chance for JH to catch up with  the Magento team too, and to speak with potential partners, and mix with our fellow agencies from near and far.

We had talks from industry experts such as Alex Barbier, Digital Marketing Director for Oliver Sweeney, and Mathieu Delpuech, Global Direct-eCommerce Capability Manager for Mars Information Services, covering their customer experience practices and engaging delivery.

There was the opportunity to delve into the technical with a ‘Deep Dive’ into Magento 2, with Max Yekaterynenko, Head of Magento 2 Development.

It was also interesting to hear from other Magento partners how they are using the flexibility of Magento to offer their eCommerce solutions.

Magento’s growth has been impressive, and the development for the Magento 2 platform is taking great strides. We heard from Peter Sheldon, VP Strategy at Magento, taking us through some of the milestones during the first year of Magento’s independence, including:

      260k businesses on Magento

      Launched Magento Commerce Order Management  

–       Enterprise Cloud

      Over 1000 Marketplace extensions

      3500 enterprise customers

      23 Industry verticals

      180+ Countries

Looking further ahead into 2017 Magento are focusing their investment in the following areas:

      Product and technology

      Customer support & success

      Sales and channel enablement

      Marketing: Demand generation, Partner marketing, Brand

      Geographic expansion

IMG_0015As well as all the knowledge and insights that the many talks and breakout sessions offered, there was still plenty of time to have one-to-one conversations throughout the event. MagentoLive France was a great opportunity to catch up with some familiar faces, meet new people in the industry, and seek out potential partners.

Overall it was an intensive couple of days with lots to absorb. The energy levels were high (perhaps partly due to drinking lots of coffee) but mainly because everyone there had plenty to discuss – and I’m sure the conversations will continue long after the event.

One of the most exciting things about working in this industry is the way things are always changing, how technology and human behaviour interact to make for an ever-evolving landscape. There sure are plenty of new developments in the world of eCommerce,  and Magento is more than keeping up the pace.  We’ve been Magento partners from the start – but right now is certainly the best time to be a part of this community’s growth.