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JH and Perch & Parrow Win The Magento Imagine Excellence Award for Best Mobile Experience

Last year we won the award too, for the same category with our work for client Sunspel. And this year it’s our project for Perch & Parrow  that have seen us become the first company ever to win a Magento Imagine Excellence Awards category two years running.

Of course, the difference this year was that Jamie Huskisson (JH Founder), Janak Kika (our Head of Accounts), and John Knowles (our Head of Development), were over in Las Vegas so we were there in person to pick the award up to bring back for a place in our Nottingham studio.

We win other awards, and it’s always a fantastic feeling for sure. But the Imagine Excellence Awards are what everyone in this industry aspires to win. We were thrilled to bits to be shortlisted again this year, and the entire team was rooting for the guys to be collecting this award.

Jamie said: “I’m truly grateful to the amazing team I’ve built at JH, we don’t walk into anything expecting less than the best result. We don’t start a project to be good or great – everybody else does that just fine. We do it to be brilliant, and this award recognises that.”

Astrid Limal, our client from Perch & Parrow said this on hearing the news: “JH was a great team to work with; We had a complex brief and designs we were adamant to use – which they helped translate into a website with a lot of technical knowledge. Thank you!”