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JH on the Road to Imagine: What we’re looking forward to most

Jamie Huskisson, CEO at JH

“Imagine is the personification of the Magento Community in the best possible sense. 3,000 people all involved with Magento in one way or another in the same place for a week. I look forward to the conversations, to catching up with people all across the globe and exploring what the future of eCommerce looks like, together.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what Magento has instore for us this year from a content perspective. They’ve clearly gone to great lengths to provide more diversity of speakers on stage and to spruce up the topics that people will be learning about. This can only serve to improve the level that 2017 brought us in all the best ways.

John Knowles, CTO at JH

Imagine 2018 will be my second time attending the conference. Last year being my first experience – both of Imagine and of Vegas itself, and it far exceeded my expectations. From starting off at the Big Dam Run which is a great way to meet new people in the community, through to the closing keynote. Every aspect of the conference is perfectly executed.

I particularly enjoyed the developer roundtable event which got developers speaking about a host of hot topics with the core team and key figures in the community. Hopefully it will feature again this time around.

This year, I can’t wait to hear about the exciting announcements Magento has to offer, meet everyone I didn’t get chance to speak to last year and get chance to catch up with some old faces.

Rebecca Brocton, eCommerce Solution Specialist

Going to Magento Imagine has been on my bucket list since I first started working with the platform 5 years ago, so it’s be a long #RoadToImagine but I am finally going to get there! I also have the HUGE honour of opening the Growth Strategies track on the first day of the event. Right now I am experiencing the crazy mixture of being absolutely ecstatic and completely terrified at the same time, but I’m going to channel these feelings into creating the best talk I can and making sure I take full advantage of everything the conference has to offer.

The road to the event so far has been incredible, I have raised nearly $10,000 for Open Sourcing Mental Illness by pledging to dye my hair orange & teal for the event; kicked off a conversation on mental health within our community with #MageMH; started the #BigDamJourney training to promote getting fit together so I’ll be ready to run 5k at the Big Dam Run; and I have been preparing myself for a week of non-stop learning, networking and creating by signing up for everything Magento Imagine has to offer!

If you are going, here are a few things happening around the event that you cannot miss:

  • Pre-Imagine: the premier kick-off event for Magento Imagine 2018 run by the community for the community!
  • The Big Dam Run: The for 7th annual Magento Imagine Race. A 5k or 10k walk/run/visit from the Hoover Dam and back.
  • MageHackathon: A fun event for developers from the Magento community to get together and write code for those projects that are most interesting to you.
  • Mage Yoga: Join Vijay Golani, Magento Architect and MagentoU trainer for a session of Yoga and Laughing.
  • Magento Imagine DevExchange 2018: Your chance to kick back and discuss key developer topics and learn how your peers are tackling the same challenges.
  • Imagine 2018 Diversity Discussion: This session encourages dialogue on various diversity-related topics through small group discussion.
  • Imagine 2018 Certification Registration: Earn your Magento 2 Certification at Imagine 2018 with 50% off the regular price.

And last but (hopefully) not least, make sure you don’t miss my talk:

Janak Kika, Head of Accounts 

Imagine is simply breathtaking, as it brings together merchants, Magento employees, agencies, Systems Integrators (developers), and eCommerce enthusiast, all of who contribute to the ecosystem we live and breath day in day out. It a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and share experiences. I’m particularly looking forward to the new features Magento will be announcing.

Being part of the JH family is something special, and we all work hard and play pretty hard too. This trip, I’m sure, will make no exception to that! We’re proud to have Rebecca Brocton on stage talking about growth strategies – I’m looking forward to that too, as I’m sure are many others.

Rabia Qureshi, Senior Customer Success Manager

While this is my first time attending Imagine, I feel like I’ve a pretty good grasp of what to expect. For the last few years, I have followed the event intensively. I read every blog that was posted, I liked every event tweet messaged and all my Magento friends that were in attendance made sure to send me messages while they were there at the conference. It’s safe to say that I couldn’t have been more prepared but also more excited to finally be attending Imagine this year. The hype is real.

I’m most looking forward to catching up with old friends as well as making new ones and I’m very excited to hear about the latest news in Magento. Hoping to bring back some great learnings for my UK team!

Pierre Kouadio, New Business

This will be my first time attending the Magento Imagine conference. As a first timer, it is difficult to grasp what to expect but I can only anticipate it will be beyond what I can imagine (no pun intended). I really look forward to key announcements, discovering the latest trends, trialling new technologies, and fostering new relationships.

The cream of the crop of eCommerce is attending, and being there as JH is an opportunity for us to wave the flag for eCommerce agencies in the UK. As a member of the Magento Community, there’s definitely a sense of pride in going to Imagine. This is the most sought-after and talked about event of the year and I can’t wait to discover why.

Max Bucknell, Senior Developer

I’m a latecomer to the JH Road to Imagine, but I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the rest of the gang as we get the skinny from Magento on what’s going to be big this year. I really can’t wait to get out there, spread the good word of JH, and maybe, if I’m very lucky, catch some sleep and see a little bit of the outside world.

I’ve no doubt that I’ll have an absolutely splendid time in Las Vegas, but Imagine is also the biggest and most important event in our industry. I had the opportunity to attend in 2016, and I learned so much, and met so many new people. I’m looking forward to doing all of that again, with even more new people. So if you see me, please, please say hello!