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JH Sponsor Women In Tech, Nottingham

Here’s an issue that’s close to our heart, we’ve seen first hand what a more gender equal environment can achieve, and we’re proud to be doing anything we can to support this cause. Sponsoring Women in Tech Nottinghamis something that just makes sense to us, and we couldn’t imagine Nottingham without the event. When we learnt that the event needed another sponsor to help finance increased efforts in 2018, we jumped at the chance to help.

Emma Seward, director of Tech Nottingham said: “We’re delighted to welcome JH as a sponsor of Women in Tech Nottingham! It means the event continues to exist (always a bonus!) and helps us celebrate the amazing Women in Tech that we have in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.”

To kick off our sponsorship, on January 4th our Solutions Specialist, Rebecca Brocton, spoke at the first Women in Tech Nottingham event of the year. Her talk on The Double Glass Ceiling, about being a gay woman in this industry was really insightful, provoking debate and hopefully some proaction too – an apt start to our firm relationship, and we’ll be hoping to get more talks lined up in the future.  

There’ll be more from us…

Throughout the next year, you’ll be hearing lots from us on why we think Women in Tech is one of the key issues in our industry at the moment. We’ve seen first hand the impact that growing a more gender equal working environment has on business. We believe this isn’t an issue just for women, and it isn’t a feminist issue per se, it’s about making business sense, and that’s for everyone.

And finally, what our team have to say…

I often get surprised by the reaction I get when I tell people what I do for a living. Like they’re surprised I’d have a job in technology. I don’t think what I do is more suited to one gender or another, but that reaction, I guess, reminds me we’re in the minority.

— Kate Butler, Project Manager at JH.

Here we have a healthy gender ratio (particularly for the tech industry) and a natural consideration and appreciation of the variety of interests, skills and personalities that everyone brings regardless of their gender. On the whole, JH is incredibly diverse place to work and it is always worth celebrating the opportunity to work alongside people from all different backgrounds, ages and of course gender – which is why I am really excited that we are supporting Women In Tech.

— Sophie Burrows, Project Manager at JH

The World needs more tech talent, full stop. Years of data has proven that collaborating with individuals of different genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and race leads to a huge increase in innovation and problem-solving. Many women are excelling in Tech despite the odds stacked against them, and the forward-thinking businesses they work for are reaping the rewards.

Women in Tech is about awareness. Awareness of the lack of women, the treatment of women and the appreciation of women. JH is the first tech company I have worked at where I can honestly say I am proud of the diversity in the workforce. It’s clear that it’s important to everyone here to achieve that diversity of thought, experience and opinion.

— Rebecca Brocton, Ecommerce Solutions Specialist at JH.

I believe by sponsoring ‘Women in tech’ gives some kind of recognition to the women in technology and to those who are currently thinking about going into the technology sector. Being a recent graduate in Computing, I have seen first-hand a decline in women interested in technology, and how events are planned to help women get back into the swing of technology.

— Jade Sweet, Junior Developer at JH.

Women in Tech is held in Nottingham on the first Thursday of each month and takes place at Accelerate Places. Find out more here.