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We’re Magento Enterprise Solution Partners

Back then, Magento was in its infancy too. Yet to become one of the world’s best platforms that it now is: Today it’s trusted by some of the biggest global brands, favoured over other platforms for its scalability and flexibility for bespoke tailoring.

We’ve always felt respected in the Magento community, but the projects we’ve completed, and the results achieved have propelled us forward to sit amongst our once aspirational competitors. And now, we’re really happy to announce, that Magento have promoted us to the top-tier of partnership as an Enterprise Solution Partner.

Prior to Magento 2 being released we dived into learning everything we could. As soon as it was released publicly we switched all new project builds to use Magento 2 and began migrating clients over. One of our strengths is that we’re always looking ahead on behalf of our clients and with this we quickly developed best practices for Magento 2 with our work. Our Magento 2 sites have had record results for clients, across any KPI put in front of them, and have been recognised as industry-leading, winning multiple awards.

JH founder, Jamie Huskisson says of this success in being granted the highest of Magento Partnership accolades: “This means a lot everybody here in the team, myself especially having worked with Magento since the early releases. Magento has always been there, with us from the start, and are a key partner in our success as a company. We’re delighted to become an Enterprise partner as see it as recognition that Magento see their future success with us too.

“Our focus on Magento has never been greater, diving in early with Magento 2 and establishing a clear market lead over our competitors. We look forward to heading into our eighth year as a Magento Solution Partner at the top level.”

We’re all really excited here to see what our new level of partnership brings, and look forward to making our mark as an Enterprise partner going forward. If you want any more information on Magento, or on why we might be the right agency for your next project, get in touch to get the ball rolling.