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Magento Imagine Awards Finalists Announced

Later this month is Magento Imagine, the industry’s flagship event held in Las Vegas each year, the JH team will be there, to hear, amongst other highlights, the winners announced for the much coveted Magento Imagine Awards.

When we’re asked what makes for the most successful of projects, we say it’s a lot to do with relationships. And we’ve been fortunate to work alongside so many brilliant teams: the collaborative approach we take with our clients is what really means the most. This is why the Imagine Awards announcement means so much to us, it celebrates our achievements together.

After our previous back-to-back wins in the ‘Best Mobile Experience’ category it’s immensely pleasing that we’ve been shortlisted for our work with Neom Organics London and are therefore in with a chance to see us win in this category for three years in a row. It’s been a pleasure working with Neom, and their site has now more than doubled in its mobile success – in both sales and conversions.

A second nomination is for our work with Selco Builders Warehouse on their ‘Project List App’ in the ‘Best B2B Innovations’ category. First launched in 2017 and now a vital part of their client’s toolkit, the app has brought further success to their offering to customers, improving the shopping experience for their time-pressed users, and securing their place as leading the way in their vertical.

We’ll see what happens in Vegas later this month, as to whether we win or not: for the time being we’re delighted to be nominated and more excited than ever to be a part of this unique community, at the cutting edge of the eCommerce industry.