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Magento Imagine Excellence Awards – We’re Finalists!

There’s awards aplenty in this industry for sure. But the Magento Imagine Excellence Awards are in their own league when it comes to gaining the prestigious and respected opinion of Magento themselves. We won the Mobile Experience Award last year, so we’re thrilled to bits to be so thoroughly recognised for this particular area of expertise we have.

This year, there’s three of us heading out to Imagine in Vegas – Jamie Huskisson (JH Founder),  Janak Kika (Lead Project Manager) and John Knowles (Lead Developer) and, whilst of course we hope to be heading back to the office with the Mobile Experience award to find a space for, right now we’re just thrilled to be part of this list of finalists. 

“I’m really pleased to see we’ve been nominated in the Mobile Experience category once again”, said Jamie, JH Founder, “We put a lot of work into ensuring details that make the mobile experience seamless don’t go unnoticed by our client’s users. That’s shown in our results, and I see the nomination as a perfect reflection of that.”

Like all of our projects here, this brilliant eCommerce experience for Perch and Parrow is a result of the team effort that’s made across Design, Development and Project Management. So, extra special congrats go to the JH team members who worked on this project, that’s: Kate, Shane, Jodi, Tom, and Diego.