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Magento Live Europe: Our Five’s Reflections

We wrote here about our excitement around attending MLEU in Barcelona this year. The conference was set to be a poignant one, with Adobe’s acquisition of Magento earlier this year, Magento merchants and all in the community wanted to know what this would mean to them. Safe to say, nobody was disappointed. It was stacked with announcements, insight, and was as close to an Imagine conference as you could possibly hope for.

Let’s hear from the team:

Jamie Huskisson, CEO, JH

Magento Live Europe - PWA Panel
‘The State of Progressive Web Apps’ Panel hosted by Magento’s Product Manager, Eric Erway

It was great to be at the Partner Summit, which featured an appearance by the Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayen, as well as seeing him appear during the keynote. Each time he wanted to stress how much the Magento community and overall ecosystem was deeply important to Adobe.

It’s clear that the Adobe acquisition of Magento provides nothing but opportunity to merchants using the platform, and the keynotes went a long way to outlining what’s coming up in the next 3-6 months. My write-ups of both keynotes can be found here: Part 1, Part 2.

It was great to hear that Open Source, Meet Magento events, on-premise options (that provide an alternative to Magento Commerce Cloud) – are going nowhere. The plan isn’t to remove what makes Magento fantastic, but to double down and enable everything that does. Expect to see lots of hiring in all teams and the big impact that will make.

It was also exciting to talk Progressive Web Apps, and the future of user experiences for eCommerce. We had a fantastic crowd, and together were able to provide a lot of insight to those in attendance, all keen to hear about what PWA will mean to users and merchants alike.

Janak Kika, Head of Accounts, JH

Magento Live Europe - Paypal Panel
‘Mobile Conversion Optimization’ Panel hosted by Paypal Evangelist, Rob Long

MLEU was much bigger than expected, it had that Imagine buzz! Key highlights for me included having the opportunity to talk the Mobile Optimisation Panel as this has been a key focus at JH from the day I started: Making sure our merchants get the most from mobile.

The panel was a great opportunity to be discussing the issues around mobile optimization and in particular, the Mobile Optimization Initiative that we’re working with Paypal on. If you’ve not heard about the initiative yet, we’re looking at what can be done to drive the ever-increasing mobile traffic into experiences that convert: Do get in touch if you’d like to be involved, or just to find out more.

One of the best talks I attended was the opening keynote when Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO, spoke with compassion, reassuring the Magento community about the future, and about how the Magento and Adobe ecosystems will work brilliantly together.

Rabia Qureshi, Lead Customer Success Manager, JH

I loved hearing from Michelle Beeson, Analyst at Forrestor, on how the digital world is changing the world of business. Speaking about digital experiences, operations, innovation and ecosystems, she delivered a thought-provoking talk and it was incredibly well received.

And, of course, from our brilliant Shane. For someone who’s certainly not as technical as others in the room, this was a greatly accessible talk. Shane had his packed room’s attention the entire time.

What stood out for me? The phrase ‘digital transformation’ was being said a great deal, and the definitive focus was definitely on customer experience and retention. And of course, PWA was everywhere!

In general, the mood was really positive, the people I spoke to on the Adobe acquisition were looking forward to learning more about the Adobe products, as I am too.

John Knowles, CTO, JH

Magento Live Europe - Dev Exchange
Developer Exchange event at Magento Live Europe

Whilst the conferences main premise was perhaps how Magento would look within the giant that’s Adobe – all being extremely positive – everyone was also extremely excited to hear about the release of Magento 2.3, scheduled for release later this year.

It’s a significant release, as includes many improvements and additions that’ll impact positively in the day-to-day, for both developer and merchant. Including the following key features:

  • Page Builder – this is amongst the most anticipated features of Magento 2.3, as will be a major enhancement to Magento’s native CMS: with new template creation, drag and drop layouts, and an overall refresh for the UX
  • Multi-Source Inventory – allowing merchants to manage their inventory through multiple sources, with scoring rules for different sources. This is super-useful if you stock your items at multiple warehouses or brick-and-mortar stores
  • Magento PWA Studio – If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, PWA is neatly explained over on this blog. Magento recognises the multiple benefits of PWA, and last year announced their building what is called the PWA Studio. This will contain tools to develop and deploy a PWA for Magento’s front-end
  • Message Queue – Support for message queuing is being extended from Magento Commerce to Magento Open Source. Message queues enable asynchronous communication between systems
  • GraphQL – Magento are also going to support GraphQL. This API technology will allow PWAs to pull and push information from your Magento store but using much smaller packets of data. This will mean faster loading times than the traditional APIs that Magento 2 currently uses

Shane Osbourne, Lead Front-end Developer at JH

Magento Live Europe - Road to PWA
‘The Road to PWA’ by JH’s Lead Front-end Developer, Shane Osbourne

I was delighted to get the opportunity to speak at MLEU, on The Road to PWA, and so much of my time out there was prepping and practising for this. So, unfortunately, I only sat in a couple of the other talks. That said, I really enjoyed the PWA panel with Magento’s Product Manager, Eric Erway. Hearing about how the PWA studio is coming along and the progress of other platforms alongside it.

I was really pleased with how my own talk went, I hear it was one of the only talks to completely fill the room, and even turn people away, so I was pretty pleased with that! Since the talk addressed ideas for improving current Magento websites, it seemed valuable to a lot of people.” You can read all about my talk, and about what you can do now to prepare here.