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Magento Shipping

Shipping can be a headache. But Magento are all set to turn its pain upside down, and instead want merchants to see shipping’s potential for growth, both in customer loyalty and direct profit. Meeting the order fulfilment needs of consumers is a challenge, but a tool that can help streamline operations is invaluable. We believe Magento Shipping, the shipping module coming in Magento 2.2 is one of the additions to get really excited about in this new release, and it’s available as part of a bundle of extensions on both Magento Open Source and Commerce.

First officially announced at – where else? – Magento Imagine, Magento Shipping, is all set to offer enormous opportunity for merchants to drive efficiency throughout the fulfilment processes. We’ve no doubt that it’s going to:

  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Drive cart conversion
  • Seamlessly automate fulfilment
  • Improve access to global markets for merchants
  • Enhance customer experience

More carriers

One of the real beauties with Magento Shipping is that, within the Magento admin, you’ll be able to access the leading international and national carriers directly, and receive real-time updates for them and every step of the journey. Access pre-negotiated Magento Shipping rates for selected carriers, or your own negotiated rates in selected markets. You’re able to manage carrier bookings and cancel a shipment, and track delivery statuses, and configure multiple accounts with the same carrier across multiple locations.

More options

Giving customers choice with their shipping options really breeds satisfaction and, you can choose which options to display at the cart, based on the customer experience you’re creating. Shipping options can include combinations of: free shipping, click-n-collect, collection points, time slots, flat-rate shipping, same-day shipping, express shipping, and international shipping,

More locations

Taking the headache out of international shipping, means Magento is opening up your business to whole new markets. Globally you’ll be seamlessly connected to international carriers. You’ll be able to pre-determine if duties and taxes are prepaid or passed onto the consumer at destination and be able to give accurate shipping information to your customers.

And… you’re also able to

  • Compare the price of multiple carriers
  • Compare the service types on offer
  • Automatically book shipments, transfer details electronically
  • Access fast and reliable quotes
  • Track and trace orders
  • Configure and manage carrier accounts
  • Print shipping labels and documentation

Magento themselves describe the main benefits as:

  • Shipment Processing

Seamless access to global carrier networks. Easily quote, rate, and book shipments while saying goodbye to complicated rate tables.

  • Customer Experience

Enhance the customer journey with consistent and intuitive shipping experiences from shopping cart to door. Tackle cart abandonment by providing customers with a premium selection of shipping options.

  • Fulfilment Automation

Automate the shipping and fulfilment process from shopping cart to door. Enable new shipping experiences while increasing the accuracy, speed, and profitability of fulfilment.

  • International Shipping

Accelerate new market expansion by accessing available international carriers. Easily handle the integrated documentation required for seamless customs clearance and great customer experiences.

How can we help you?

If you want to find out about what Magento Shipping could mean for your business growth, or if you’d like us to audit your current fulfilment set-up, get in touch today.