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Mobile Solutions: Responsive Sites and Apps

Whilst earlier this decade we’d have been persuading you on the importance of engaging mobile audiences, now that’s not even up for debate. Losing out on, or alienating in any way, your potential mobile customers would mean catastrophic doom for business today. And, here’s why…

The current state of play with mobile usage:

  • More than 50% of Google searches come from mobile devices
  • Adults in the UK spend around 3 hours a day on smart phones
  • About 82% of smartphone users conduct a search on mobile while making a purchase in a store
  • 21% of millennials don’t use desktops at all
  • 51% of smartphone users come across a new product or company during their mobile search
  • 90% of smartphone users rely on mobile search to make important purchase decisions
  • Every quarter there’s an increase in mobile conversion rates
  • 81% of spontaneous purchases are made on a mobile device

(Research statistics from Smart Insights)

So, what now?

Many feel that now’s all about the decision of which route to choose to maximise the potential of your mobile audience. The two primary options being:

  • Improve upon your mobile web experience
  • The build and design of a Native app

Creating a responsive site is your absolute minimum. The mobile is synonymous with eCommerce today, and having a site that works seamlessly on all devices will help to make sure your customers don’t quickly hop over to your competitors for a less tiresome purchasing experience. reported that 85% of people’s time on smartphones is spent on Apps. That said, data shows that typically they’ll spend time predominantly on their 5 favourite Apps, and these, unsurprisingly are usually ones for massaging and social. But getting your eCommerce store into that top 5 for some of your customers – not undoable, Amazon, eBay, Asos for instance manage that often for sure, can mean boosting conversions significantly.

Some Apps V Responsive Facts

  • Responsive sites are cheaper to build and design
  • It’s a faster project to build responsive, than building an App from scratch
  • Mobile sites are less costly to maintain
  • Apps however have far improved conversion rates
  • Customers consider Apps a commitment, installing them means they’re more likely to purchase from that brand

Where we stand

We’ve recently won – for the second year running  – the Magento Imagine Excellence Award in Mobile Experience, this time for our work with client Perch and Parrow. Our success has been down to our understanding of the customer journey – and being one step ahead of how it’ll change – coupled with our technical expertise, our commitment to testing over devices (with the help of our own Open Source tool Browsersync) and our design team who know how to bring the best and most engaging in mobile Magento experiences.

In reality, smart companies don’t have to see Responsive Websites and Native Apps as mutually exclusive, in fact they should have both. When search results take a user to a mobile website, a prompt to download the native app can appear at the top of the landing page. Users can tap to download that app and complete their business, or else opt to continue with the mobile site. Their decision is likely to be based on whether they see themselves purchasing from the company multiple times, the installation often representing some sort of commitment from buyer to brand.

We don’t think the responsive site is dead. Far from it. That said, we’re relishing our recent projects that involve building Magento Apps for clients – we know that they’ll provide second-to-none, brilliant mobile experiences for their customers, and we’re leading the way with specific tools and features that we feel will set the benchmark once launched.


If you want to find out more about our Magento powered mobile solutions, get in touch today. Email us at or give us a call on 0115 933 8790.