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Monetize Your Social

Social and eCommerce

The last couple of years have seen something of a gigantic explosion when it comes to the fusing of social media to commerce: It’s a complex relationship, but one that’s settled in for the long haul.

Typically, social media now features at several points throughout the customer journey. 95% of millennials spend significant time daily on social networks and 86% of social media users actually want to follow brands: put simply, successful eCommerce now has to spread directly onto social channels. Users tend to trust their social networks, and are increasingly coming to them to hunt for future purchasing, or at least be enticed onto sites via the channel of their choice.

The integration of Facebook Dynamic Ads on Instagram, and Facebook’s launch of product tags are just a couple of examples of how social media platforms took the industry forwards a huge step. And this is only set to continue.

Often overlooked and dismissed as only for kids, Snapchat is now taking eCommerce in its stride with new ad strategies – involving the user swiping up from the video ad to order the product. Neat.

Magento Social

Utilising social media as part of the decision making process is crucial for a competitive business model, and that’s the focus of Magento Social which was announced at this year’s Magento Imagine. Recognising that 57% of people are more likely to buy from a brand they follow, Magento Social enables businesses to drive customers from social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many others, to their site, via digital storefronts.

Features of Magento Social Include:

  • Easy to sync: It’s easy for merchants to sync their full Magento product catalogue with their social networks. Now they’re able to launch a storefront on the leading social networks easily and quickly, the seamless integration will enhance consistency and save time
  • Drive brand awareness: Brands that dominate every channel do better. A strong social commerce strategy will strengthen a brand while converting followers into customers
  • Promote brand evangelicalism: Today brands need to nurture their fans. Current customers are the best marketers and advocates, and social can make sure their message is heard
  • Publish adverts: Magento Social allows you to create compelling image-led and optimized ads from your eCommerce site in real-time
  • Retargeting: Social is one of the most important ways to reach more buyers. Utilizing embedded targeting tools within Magento Social will help you identify your audience and reach them precisely where they are