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Responsive Day Out

At JH, our Front-End team are firm believers in responsive design and we’ve previously worked with several clients in making their sites fully responsive. So a few months ago when we heard about Responsive Day Out – we’d already packed our suitcases in anticipation. We’re a pretty keen bunch in case you can’t tell

We knew when we saw the line-up that it would be a great opportunity for us listen to inspiring talks from some of the best in the industry and a chance share our own experiences too.

One of the main aspects that we were excited about with Responsive Day Out was the intimacy of it – there were only 150 tickets available. Overall, the event was a really close-knit but friendly environment that meant it was really easy to spark up a conversation with other attendees.

Are we just “winging it?”

The conference itself comprised of 12 small, 20-minute, talks with a Q&A session after every 3 speakers. This constraint meant the talks were concise and focussed with each speaker concentrating on a particular aspect or discussion related to Responsive Web Design (RWD). Ultimately, this format did mean that quite often individual talks would step on each others toes. However, this didn’t feel like an issue as it helped to highlight the key topics – further strengthening the most important messages of the conference.

A general notion leaving the event was that, effectively, we were all “winging it.” Despite our best efforts, we haven’t yet found a set-in-stone best practice or process for RWD – we may never find one. Despite this, there was a general sense of camaraderie that we are all in the same boat and by openly discussing our RWD problems and solutions, as a community, we can collectively benefit.

As a team, our own discussions have recently been based on how we’re very much still in a discovery phase with RWD. So to hear that others have the same expectations, it was a reassurance that we collectively still have so much to learn. As a result, the JH team will continue to constantly experiment and refine our own processes until we find that fully workable model.

Sharing experiences

After the conference, there was an after party in a private upstairs venue called The Loft. For us, this was a big highlight of the day – surprisingly not because of the free bar!

Thanks to the intimacy of the conference, the after party was small affair but this meant that we could easily start the real discussions with people we’d never met before. We met a lot of talented folk that had travelled from all across the country to come to this event so it was a great opportunity to share experiences and learn from everyone. Many of the speakers were there too, so it was very easy to follow up on their talks with any questions people had.

We believe that the main outcomes of this event were that, with RWD, we are all still very much discovering the issues, never mind  effectively solving them. However, even though some know more than other, we all have the opportunity to become the experts and help each other along the way.

Having set off at 5am, it was a very long day but we had a fantastic time in Brighton. The talks we listened to and conversations we were involved in meant we left the seaside feeling inspired and much more confident in ourselves, our actions and our own processes too.

Thank you to all the speakers, Clearleft who organised the event, everyone who attended, and Brighton for being such fantastic hosts.