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JH are sponsoring Second Wednesday for the entirety of 2013!

Once in a while, an event comes along that JH cannot miss having a part in – and when that event was born in Nottingham, not being part of it would just be ridiculous.

In November last year we began sponsoring a monthly web event in the city known as Second Wednesday.

Why are JH sponsoring Second Wednesday?

For us, this free event is a huge part of the Nottingham web and creative community – I found it a great place to meet other business owners and talk shop. We don’t feel like this event should be exclusive or about us, more along the lines of ensuring everyone creative or in the web knows there’s a night each month they can attend to talk to like-minded individuals regardless of background or who they work for.

Because of this today JH is proud to have it’s name attached to such an event and, alongside Heart Internet, we will be sponsoring Second Wednesday for the entirety of 2013.

What changes about Second Wednesday?

For attendees it means we can offer what we love best – free drinks!
Meaning from now on when you attend, you’ll receive at least one free drink.

This is both to further promote the relaxed and friendly atmosphere you will always find at Second Wednesday but to also encourage those new faces to mix with the regular ones. Making connections and that social aspect of Second Wednesday is the side we love to see most – if you turn up to one event and make a friend, we are doing a good job.

The web can be a very isolated and lonely place to work. We’re hoping that just putting a little bit of backing to such an amazing event will help promote it even more so those who need a beer and a chat or to find someone to work with will find us there to help.

Supporting events across the community

January is a particularly big month for Second Wednesday as we’ve been chosen as one of the pre-events for New Adventures Conference. So on the 23rd of January, we shall be playing host to two amazing speakers, Rachel Shillcock and Rob Mills. Kicking off at 7pm, we’re offering everyone who attends a free drink or two – just to say thank you and enjoy the evening.

If you’re there for the night, feel free to say hello – everyone from JH will be in attendance. See if you can spot us in the crowd and introduce yourself.