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We’re Sponsoring New Adventures Conference 2019

What is New Adventures?

Running from 2011 to 2013, New Adventures in Web Design (as it was called) was a conference organised by Nottingham-based design duo, Simon Collison and Greg Wood. They carefully curated each event, selecting themes and speakers that explored emerging topics in digital design. During those three years, they presented a lineup of renowned creators, including Jessica Hische, Jason Santa Maria, Frank Chimero, Mark Boulton, Sarah Parmenter, and Trent Walton.

New Adventures Conf 2019
The Nottingham Albert Hall will be hosting the conference again

The care Simon and Greg put into every aspect of the conference created a unique experience. For many who attended, it remains one of the best design conferences of the past decade; not simply because of what happened on stage, but for the invaluable new friendships that were founded here in Nottingham.

Ask those past attendees about New Adventures and they’ll wax nostalgic. For five years, people would corner Simon and ask about, if not demand, the conference’s return. I’ll admit to being one of those people. So you can imagine the jubilant reaction to the announcement that New Adventures would be back in 2019, with Simon joined at the helm by Geri Coady.

“Our goal has always been to push the digital design agenda forward; to provide platforms from where those who value design can make themselves heard. When we work together and solve problems together we are stronger; able to exert more significant influence, and have a say in the future of our work.” New Adventures

Why is JH sponsoring it?

We’ve always said to Simon: “If you bring New Adventures back, we’ll do whatever we can to help”. We’re true to our word. JH is sponsoring the main conference and organising two of the fringe events: Design Exchange and a revival of the Bowling Tournament. From the content, to the community, there are many good reasons for supporting New Adventures, but a couple of factors mean a lot to us.

Firstly, the conference is held in our hometown of Nottingham. We’re incredibly proud of what the local industry is achieving, and we already support it through meetups, lectures, and recruitment. New Adventures brings leading voices to our doorstep, and gives travelling attendees a taste of what our vibrant and creative city has to offer.

Another key point is the commitment to inclusivity which supports a “push for greater diversity in tech”. Initiatives like diversity tickets, live captioning, and on-site childcare are just some of the ways that will help more people access the event. As in previous years, New Adventures is setting a benchmark for other events to follow.

New Adventures Conf 2019
Previous speakers include lettering artist and author Jessica Hische

What are we excited for?

While New Adventures continues to revolve around digital design, it’s an event that someone from any adjacent discipline will enjoy. JH will certainly be represented by people from across the business. This year’s themes delve into issues that are affecting our entire industry.

“Tools, frameworks, automation: what value do they offer, and how will they alter the way digital experiences form? Will you be essential or expendable? Did design sleep in while everyone else got busy defining a new rulebook for our industry?” New Adventures

The conference line-up is once again packed with quality. From Code Club’s Clare Sutcliffe, to VSCO’s Naz Hamid, there’s going to be some valuable insights shared. We’re equally thrilled that local speakers, Helen Joy and Jessica White, will be flying the flag for Nottingham. 

* * *

Tickets for New Adventures are now available. We have a special code that will save 10% off a conference ticket. Simply enter DXN10 in the discount code field to make your saving.