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JH are Clothing Sponsor for HACK24

Returning for a second year, JH are HACK24 official clothing sponsor for 2016. We'll be supplying t-shirts for every hacker that attends and some special edition hoodies that can be won as prizes.

Report: Responsive Day Out 3

The final outing delivered a diverse range of topics to reveal the state of responsive web design in 2015 and complete a hat-trick of superb conferences.

HTTPS support added to BrowserSync

Things have not slowed since our recent 2.0 release - along with keeping on top of small bug fixes and refining the codebase, we have also managed to implement a much-requested feature: HTTPS proxying.

BrowserSync 2.0

What started as a simple Grunt task capable of auto-reloading browsers and injecting CSS, has now evolved into a indispensable tool used by Designers and Developers all over the world in their quest to offer device-agnostic experiences when building for the Web.

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