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The Design Team’s December Round-Up

Our Web Designer, Jordan Dobney, shares what caught the eye of the design team in December. Including impressive rebrands, a new contender in the VR market, and a great read on how to streamline the checkout experience.


Designing tables for reusability

Tables are used universally for displaying large quantities of data in a user friendly way, whilst still allowing for customers to make suitable actions quickly and easily, but when it comes to consistency from project to project there was something that designers Ada and Havana noticed and decided to tackle. Whilst looking at all the tables used throughout projects, they realised that elements such as data, link, actions, sorting and pagination weren’t at all globally consistent. Over a 5 week period, they worked towards the goal of creating a table pattern that could be reused for every instance no matter the intentions of the user.

ZigZag Page Layout

The ‘ZigZag’ page layout is commonly used by designers to break up content and portray more complex topics, but what if it’s unintentionally making the page more difficult for users to read? This article from NNGroup shows us what happened in a study utilising eye-tracking software. The study unearthed some interesting results, such as which kind of information worked well in both ZigZag and aligned layouts, and the importance of first images and setting the tone of the rest of the page.

The User Experience of Design Systems

At UX Camp Copenhagen in May, Rune Madsen gave a brilliant talk on The User Experience of Design Systems. She has now very thankfully transcribed the full talk with screens. She delves deeper into the pros and cons of design systems, using Material Design as an example. Design Systems can bring unity and consistency to interfaces and brand identities, but are we missing some important points? Rune gives us a great breakdown.

Streamlining the checkout experience

In his 3rd article on form design, Dmitry Kovalenko takes us through his process of streamlining the Checkout experience. Through each step, he explains the decisions he made to improve the customer journey. By analysing existing checkouts and through thorough research, he is able to answer some common questions such as “How can I simplify the process, but still keep it informative enough and receive necessary data from a respondent?” and “How to make a respondent feel comfortable and satisfied with the checkout process?”.


World Chess Championship

What we loved: The World Chess Championship releases their new identity, designed by Shuka Design, known for some of their more provocative designs. Sure enough, their alternative logo goes viral for it’s suggestive look, but we don’t think this brand should be overshadowed. A great end to 2017.


What we loved: Who needs a solid brand guideline document more than the most famous man at Christmas?

*Santa* has been through a 100% serious rebrand, in an attempt to increase retention rates with customers over 10yrs old.


What we loved: 26 artists design their own covers for their favourite albums of 2017.

The project as a result has produced some stunning artwork, all shown in a great website (with links to the music if you like!).


  • Shipping in 2018, Magic Leap showcases what looks like a true contender in the VR market.
  • 2017 is another year of changing trends on Dribbble, Mondrianizm taking its place as a popular style for designers last year.
  • Think you can guess the blurred logo? Test your knowledge with Jim Nielsen’s fun logo integrity quiz.
  • Ideo.org, the non-profit focussed on human-centered design, is successful in their bid to raise money for their new ‘Design Kit Travel Pack – a brand new set of bite-sized design exercises to help anyone solve big challenges.’
  • Here’s a brilliant list of ‘Must-read’ design eBooks collated by Shopify. Definitely great picks.
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