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Sponsoring New Adventures Conf 2013

In the JH offices, we’ve caught our annual New Year conference fever. With our calendar already filling up with dates to send our team members to, the biggest (and one of our favourites) has just rolled back to Nottingham.

As New Adventures in Web Design conference is gearing up for, possibly, it’s final year – JH jumped at the chance to be part of such an original and exciting conference. This year, we are a Gold level sponsor and we couldn’t be prouder to have our name associated with it.

Since the beginning of New Adventures, our team have been massive advocates and we’ve attended every one – obviously a firm fixture in our January diary. When it came to the time last year where sponsors could nominate themselves, our name was sent off as quickly as we could type it. This was an especially awesome milestone for us personally too, as it finally meant we were at a size to be able to do sponsoring right.

One reason why NA is so close to our hearts is because of the quality and love that is put into each conference. For us, this highly resembles both our work practices and our own love for the industry. We try to constantly feed back to the web community which have been so supportive through all our team members’ years of developing their careers. And when we see a conference, like NA, trying to do exactly the same thing, we feel that it’s only right that we give all we can to help out.

This year’s New Adventures has got the JH team squealing with excitement. We love the speaker line-up and the venue is literally round the corner from our office. Not only this, but a JH sponsored event, which two of our team run, has been chosen to be one of the pre-parties for the conference – we’ve done a write-up about it here.

New Adventures starts on the 23rd January with the amazing Second Wednesday and Erskine Bowling. The JH team will be at Second Wednesday with beers in hand. So, if you’re at NA, need someone to chat to or grab a drink with, we’re a massively friendly bunch that don’t bite – just come and say hi!