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Adobe Summit 2024: Top 5 AI Talks



The seventh chapter of our Adobe Summit series delves into the transformative power of AI and its profound impact on the eCommerce landscape.

What cutting-edge AI tools are waiting to elevate your strategic approach? How can the comprehensive suite of Adobe products unleash an army of tactical advantages for your business?

We explore how AI technologies hidden within Adobe’s ecosystem can revolutionise your operations, making your business not just competitive but a front-runner in digital commerce. Discover how to effectively harness these AI capabilities to optimise your ROI and drive innovation.

These must-see sessions are curated to transform your eCommerce strategies and keep you ahead of the curve when leveraging AI within your business.

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The Top 5: AI talks at a glance:

1. Embrace Generative AI to Transform Experiences – SK1


This session explores the transformative potential of generative AI in scaling personalised customer experiences and increasing engagement across organisations.

The panel discusses practical strategies for implementing generative AI effectively, differentiating between its real benefits and the hype.

Ely Greenfield, CTO at Adobe Digital Media, provides insights on maximising the benefits of generative AI while avoiding common pitfalls.

Impacts on eCommerce:

  • Enhances the ability to deliver personalised content at scale, improving customer satisfaction and retention
  • Drives innovation in customer engagement tactics, potentially leading to increased sales and brand loyalty
  • Empowers organisations to harness creativity and technological advancements for better market competitiveness

2. Project Get Personal – GS6-2


This session discusses the growing customer demand for personalised experiences and the importance of making each interaction feel unique.

You’ll be introduced to Project ‘Get Personal’, which enables marketers of any skill level to instantly create and deliver personalised image variations at scale using Adobe Firefly.

It’ll explain the integration of generative AI with Adobe Journey Optimiser and Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform to enhance personalisation across multiple digital platforms.


  • Allows for real-time personalisation of customer interactions across various channels, enhancing the customer experience and increasing loyalty
  • Enables marketers to efficiently scale personalised marketing efforts without increasing overhead
  • Boosts conversion rates and customer satisfaction by delivering highly relevant content

3. Project Ready Click Go – GS6-3

Why we think it’s worth a watch:

This session introduces Project ‘Ready Click Go’, which allows for the rapid creation of complete digital experiences using generative AI in the Adobe Experience Cloud.

It demonstrates how a simple prompt can lead to the creation of a website, targeted audiences, campaigns, and insights across Adobe platforms, including Experience Manager and Journey Optimiser.

Also highlighted is the ability to easily create, deliver, and measure personalised experiences at scale.

Impacts on eCommerce:

  • Significantly reduces the time and resources needed to launch personalised digital experiences, enhancing efficiency and scalability
  • Enables rapid deployment and integration of marketing campaigns, improving responsiveness to market changes and customer needs
  • Facilitates detailed analytics and insights, helping brands to continuously optimise and refine customer interactions

4. Project Mighty Micro -GS6-6

Why we think it’s worth a watch:

This session discusses the rising expectations of business customers for personalised and engaging experiences similar to B2C services.

It introduces Project ‘Mighty Micro’, which enables B2B marketing and sales teams to use generative AI to create personalised microsites for individual buying groups.

It explains how each microsite tailors its content and calls to action to the buyer’s industry, role, and specific stage in the buying journey.

Impacts on eCommerce:

  • Enhances the B2B customer experience by providing personalised engagement at various stages of the complex sales cycle
  • Increases the effectiveness of marketing strategies by targeting specific needs and pain points of different buyer personas
  • Drives higher conversion rates and customer loyalty through tailored content and interactions

5. AI: Rewriting the eCommerce Playbook for 2024 – S726

Why we think it’s worth a watch:

This session discusses how AI is revolutionising eCommerce by altering how businesses operate and interact with customers, particularly by enhancing product discovery and purchase processes.

It examines successful AI applications in eCommerce and identifies which emerging trends are likely to endure in the evolving marketplace.

It analyses the direct impact of new AI technologies on business metrics, such as profit margins and conversion rates.

Impacts on eCommerce:

  • AI significantly improves customer engagement and personalisation, which can lead to higher conversion rates and increased customer loyalty
  • Advanced AI applications streamline operations and enhance decision-making, boosting efficiency and profitability
  • Innovative AI solutions foster a more responsive and adaptive eCommerce environment, keeping companies competitive in a rapidly changing industry

JH’s Take Away

Adobe Summit 2024 was a game-changer, showcasing how AI can transform insights into action with a touch of Adobe magic. The sessions demonstrate the immense potential of AI in creating seamless and personalised interactions. These insights are set to redefine how businesses approach eCommerce, making every customer touchpoint more efficient and engaging.

The summit also highlighted the integration of B2B and B2C strategies through AI, offering a unified approach to eCommerce. These cutting-edge strategies are crucial for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve. If you’re ready to elevate your eCommerce game, these sessions are your key to success.


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