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Adobe Summit 2024: Top 5 B2B/C Talks

The best sessions relating to all things B2B & B2C

Why we’re recommending these ones:

The fifth chapter in our Adobe Summit series delves deeper into B2B and B2C commerce, showcasing how Adobe’s solutions can catalyse growth within these sectors.

We’re exploring cutting-edge updates and how they can significantly enhance your operations. What exactly are these updates? How can you leverage them to not only meet but exceed your strategic goals?

To keep you well-informed and strategically ahead, here are our top five sessions that are absolute must-sees. These sessions are designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in an increasingly digital marketplace, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital commerce.

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The Top 5: B2B/B2C talks at a glance:

1. Lessons from a Headless, B2B, Global Reference Storefront Build – S708

Why we think it’s worth a watch:

Duke Marr from Corra, a Publicis Sapient Company, discusses with Nathan Voss of Boehringer Ingelheim their transition to a global, headless eCommerce platform on Adobe Commerce, highlighting its rollout across various international markets.

The session delves into the specific challenges faced during this international enterprise launch, such as adhering to unique country regulations for pharmaceutical shipments, accommodating various payment types, and managing multiple language requirements.

It also covers the strategic use of agile methodologies and budget-flexible managed services to create tailored roadmaps for client-specific needs, and recommendations for similar large-scale projects.

Impacts on eCommerce:

  • Demonstrates the capability of headless architectures to provide flexible, scalable solutions for global markets, improving customer experience and operational efficiency
  • Highlights the benefits of using agile methodologies in managing complex, budget-sensitive projects, which can adapt to changing requirements and ensure continuous improvement
  • Enables more robust data integration and utilisation, allowing for advanced analytics and personalised marketing strategies that can drive higher conversion rates and customer loyalty

2. Johnson Controls Find their Path to Profitability in eCommerce – S436

Why we think it’s worth a watch:

Johnson Controls International (JCI), a leader in HVAC distribution, successfully implemented an expansive Adobe Commerce ecosystem across 39 subdomains within a year to enhance both online and in-person customer experiences.

In this session, you’ll learn how JCI drove significant user adoption, with 27% of regional accounts engaging with the new platform within just six months of its launch.

You’ll discover how JCI utilised the Adobe Commerce Global Reference Architecture to standardise core functionality across its business units while allowing for necessary customisations.

Impacts on eCommerce:

  • Rapidly scaled and improved the online customer experience through a comprehensive and adaptable digital platform
  • Achieved a notable increase in user engagement shortly after platform rollout, demonstrating effective customer adoption strategies
  • Enabled customisation within a standardised framework to meet diverse business needs, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

3. Unveiling Adobe Campaign’s New User Interface and Innovative Features – S803

Why we think it’s worth a watch:

This session introduces you to the latest innovations in Adobe Campaign, including its reimagined web UI and new Adobe Sensei GenAI tools. These tools aim to enhance workflows, boost productivity, and foster creativity.

It explores the new integrations and native capabilities of Adobe Campaign with Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Journey Optimiser, highlighting how these technologies converge to create new opportunities.

You’ll get a live demonstration of the generative AI assistant that is transforming user interaction with technology, showcasing practical applications in campaign management.

Impacts on eCommerce:

  • Streamlines marketing workflows and enhances productivity through advanced UI and integrations, leading to more efficient campaign management
  • Leverages generative AI to personalise customer interactions, potentially increasing engagement and conversion rates
  • Fosters innovative marketing strategies that can adapt to dynamic market conditions and consumer behaviours, enhancing overall marketing effectiveness

4. Adobe Journey Optimiser Roadmap and Innovations – S801

Why we think it’s worth a watch:

This session celebrates Adobe Journey Optimiser’s enhanced personalisation with omnichannel engagement strategies that focus on real-time customer journey orchestration and marketing campaigns.

It’ll cover the latest features in Journey Optimiser, including the next generation of customer journey management and new orchestration capabilities.

You’ll learn about integrating powerful GenAI tools to boost productivity and creativity alongside capabilities for next-best and real-time experience decisions.

Impacts on eCommerce:

  • Enables eCommerce platforms to deliver personalised customer experiences at scale, significantly enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Improves marketing effectiveness by utilising real-time data for immediate decision-making and tailored customer interactions
  • Drives higher conversion rates and customer retention through optimised journey management and personalised marketing strategies

5. Making the Leap with Generative AI to Scale Personalised Experiences – S911

Why we think it’s worth a watch:

This session explores how generative AI, notably Adobe’s Sensei GenAI, transforms marketing by enabling organisations to shift from linear content creation to dynamic, live content assembly.

You’ll discover how to use Adobe Firefly and Adobe’s LLM services to create multiple variations of “hero” content, optimising engagement by leveraging metadata and user profiles for true 1:1 personalisation.

It goes into best practices for establishing efficient and effective content governance processes and workflows to ensure brand safety and relevance.

Impacts on eCommerce:

  • Enhances the ability to deliver highly personalised and engaging content to consumers, increasing conversion rates and customer loyalty
  • Streamlines content production processes, reducing time and resource expenditure while maximising content effectiveness
  • Implements robust governance to maintain brand safety across all content, ensuring consistency and compliance in messaging

JH’s Take Away

The Adobe Summit 2024 showcased the power of turning insights into action with a touch of Adobe magic. Our top session picks highlighted the best strategies for eCommerce customers.

From optimising site performance and tailoring customer experiences to mastering B2B/B2C integration, these sessions offer the ultimate guide to revolutionising your e-commerce approach. If you’re ready to elevate your game, these insights are your key to success.

Want this in a handy download? Get our Adobe Summit: The Definitive What To Watch Guide now

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