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B2C is changing the B2B buyer

For the majority of their careers, Generation X (1965 – 84) have been dealing with people and sales teams. Very much creating a bond with fellow professionals, understanding that things take time and require patience.

Generation Z/Millennial (1995 +) has grown up within a very different world. Gen Z expects a digital solution, not requiring a phone call or meeting and expect things to be the next day as standard.

The need to speak and have a conversation with another person is becoming less

Half of all customers today expect a supplier’s mobile app to be a helpful channel, and more than one-third expect the app to be their most helpful channel. (BCG, 2017)

A millennial B2B buyer prefers the same seamless, personalised mobile experience that they have on B2C platforms as consumers.

B2C best practices that are being adopted by B2B:

  • A high performing fast experience
  • An enjoyable experience
  • Hi-res media that the latest device can utilise
  • Ease of use in finding products or achieving a goal
  • Reviews and ratings via social proof
  • Real-time product and stock availability
  • Next day delivery
  • Customer service via chat, FAQs and phone support

They’ve grown up in a different world and have expectations to be met.

More than half of all B2B buyers view at least eight pieces of content during the purchase process and an additional 30% view five to seven pieces. (BCG, 2017)

While browsing for products and content, the B2B buyers are looking for concise and coherent information. If they don’t receive this experience, they will more often than not exclude that vendor or company before even contacting or approaching the salesperson or business.

Mobile can fast-track time to purchase by 20% through facilitating efficiencies in decision-making and enhanced team collaboration, particularly with more complex purchases. (BCG, 2017)

As the old generation hit retirement age and we start to see millennials in senior positions the authority will pass down. The need for digital and enjoyable solutions will only increase.

Are you ready?