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Coming soon to Adobe Commerce: Subscriptions and native payment processing

There have been some exciting new features and updates to Adobe Commerce this year – we covered the biggest announcements from Adobe Summit a few months ago, the features and benefits of Live Search, which uses AI for better recommendations, and some of the most game-changing new features in the launch of Magento 2.4.3.

But there’s always room for more! Here are two of the latest announcements to be aware of for merchants using the Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source platforms…

Native Adobe Commerce payment services launching 2021

Until now, merchants using Magento or Adobe Commerce have had to build their own payment processing systems or join forces with a specialist technology partner – and while this can be an excellent option for larger businesses who have the resources to negotiate, it’s not always the best option for smaller businesses.

With Adobe announcing their own native payment processing system, this opens up further opportunities for smaller merchants to grow – giving them access to new markets, the ability to accept different forms of payment, and more. Making payments accessible in the Adobe Commerce platform opens up a whole world of flexibility and customisation for businesses who are looking to take that next step – yet another reason to seriously consider an Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source build for merchants who are starting to outgrow other platforms.

Tweet from Peter Sheldon, Senior Director of Commerce Strategy at Adobe

Adobe Commerce Marketplace to offer subscriptions feature

Update 15/11: We originally wrote that Adobe Commerce would be releasing a subscriptions feature for eCommerce stores. We got that wrong! We’ve updated the following section with the correct information.

Many merchants use the Adobe Commerce Marketplace to source add-ons and features for their stores that aren’t available natively in Adobe Commerce (at least, not yet). It looks like these Marketplace vendors will soon be able to offer subscriptions of varying tiers on their extensions, which will open up their possibilities for the services they offer.

According to Igor Gorin, Developer Experience at Adobe, monthly subscriptions will launch first, followed by annual subscriptions, tiers, and more later on. The release is planned for October 2021.

Tweet from Igor Gorin, Developer Experience at Adobe Commerce

Definitely one to keep an eye on if you use extensions from the Adobe Commerce Marketplace – you may need to rework your budget to continue using an extension if they split their offering into multiple tiers. It may also inspire a bit of competitive pricing though, too! It’s worth auditing the extensions and plugins you use for your eCommerce store on a regular basis to ensure they’re still delivering what you need, and that you’re not using two different extensions when the features could be covered by a single plugin.

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