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In Conversation With: Gear4Music

Join our Strategy Director, Joseph Russell, as he chats to Jonathan Meager, Director of eCommerce at Gear4Music.

Gear4music is the UK’s largest retailer of musical instruments and music equipment, having grown revenues from £24m in 2015 to £148m in 2022. Leveraging a market-leading bespoke eCommerce platform, a wide range of products including a unique own-brand offering, and expanding low-cost European logistics infrastructure, Gear4Music’s objective is to deliver value to customers and shareholders through long-term profitable growth.

“In Conversation With” is a series of merchant-facing, online fireside chats we run with eCommerce professionals. Our mission is to showcase the awesome work that eCommerce professionals are driving for exciting and dynamic online brands.
Previous speakers include: Janis Thomas, Director of eCommerce and Marketing at Look Fabulous Forever, John Attwood and Dave Knowles from Big Bus Tours, and Matthew Medlyn, Director of eCommerce at Graham and Green.

Joseph will talked to Jonathan Meager about leading his team toward one shared vision. They covered why ‘doing the things that really matter’ is crucial to delivering everything that achieves Gear4Music’s mission.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Jonathan uses strategy to deliver value where it matters the most
  • How he estimates the commercial impact
  • Gear4Music’s recent launch of a circular ‘trade-in’ scheme
  • How Gear4Music are building an international offering

Gear4Music was launched in 2003 and since then they’ve been providing instruments, equipment, and more to people who are interested in music at any level. Their operation is provided for musicians by musicians.