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Is Hyvä the right Magento theme for you?

Opting for Hyvä combines the benefits of fast performance, a mobile-first approach, and reduced development time. It’s a cost-effective solution that boosts site speed, enhances user experience, and improves SEO rankings, all while minimising the need for third-party extensions. With its efficient design and plug-and-play solutions, Hyvä simplifies customisation and maintenance, saving development hours.

What does Hyvä solve?

  • Slow Page Load Times:
    Hyvä significantly reduces page load times by utilising a minimal JavaScript approach and streamlined CSS.
  • High Development Costs:
    With its simplified and efficient coding structure, Hyvä reduces the complexity of theme development, leading to lower development costs and easier maintenance compared to traditional Magento 2 front-end approaches.
  • Poor Mobile Performance:
    Hyvä themes are designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring that e-commerce sites perform optimally on mobile devices.
  • SEO Challenges:
    Faster page speeds and improved user experience directly contribute to better SEO rankings. Hyvä’s efficient codebase helps in achieving faster site performance, which is a key factor in search engine ranking algorithms.
  • Complexity in Customisation:
    Unlike the default Luma theme in Magento, Hyvä simplifies the process of customising themes, allowing businesses to easily adjust their site’s appearance and functionality to better match their brand and meet customer needs.
  • Dependency on Third-party Extensions:
    Hyvä reduces reliance on heavy third-party extensions by providing a robust set of web components out of the box. This minimises potential conflicts and performance issues associated with numerous extensions.
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Don’t take our word for it

What our clients say

When we decided to replatform and have the fastest site in the industry, we did our research. We looked at multiple retailers who’d also launched Magento and PWA sites and assessed each one.

We wanted to know who has the fastest site and which site works best with Google, and we decided the only option for us was JH. Their sites continuously outperform any other site in the industry.

We launched our site at the beginning of 2023, and we’ve never looked back.

Alex Woolfstein – CEO Bargain Max

Why arein a league of their own?

  • By default, we act as an extension of your team. You’ll know us by name, and we’ll care about your success as much as you do
  • As a team, we will provide the ideas, not just the execution, to take you to the next level
  • We have led the industry for 14 years, with one of the longest average client and staff retention rates around
  • We didn’t just pass the Adobe certifications, we wrote the questions alongside Adobe.
  • For 7 years, we have run Meet Magento UK, the official conference for the platform, educating the industry

Don’t take our word for it

Starting your journey

  • Contact our sales team, say hello
  • We’ll book a call to get to know each other and understand the chemistry
  • We’ll offer you various educational engagements like workshops and discoveries, giving you a deeper understanding of our processes and plans
  • You decide if we’re right for you
  • We get you officially onboarded and solidify the roadmap
  • You experience what the levels above your existing agency look like