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Micro-donations in eCommerce: Amplifying Impact in the World with Pennies

In the bustling world of eCommerce, it’s easy to overlook the small things. At JH, we know that it’s these little details that can spark the most significant changes. That’s why our partnership with Pennies, an innovative charity leading the charge in micro-donations in eCommerce, is something we’re incredibly proud of. Their approach is simple yet profound – make every penny count. 

A Beacon of Change in Charitable Giving

Pennies is redefining the concept of charity in the digital age. Through their unique model of micro-donations, they’ve shown us that generosity doesn’t always have to be about grand gestures. It’s about making giving accessible, effortless, and part of our everyday lives.

Their CEO, Alison Hutchison CBE, embodies the ethos. Speaking at Meet Magento, she highlighted how micro-donations are not just about giving but about creating a culture of continuous, collective impact.

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What Are Micro-donations in eCommerce?

Here’s how micro-donations in eCommerce work: a small donation, often just a few pence, is added to the customer’s transaction at checkout. This amount may seem insignificant on its own, but when multiplied across thousands of transactions, its impact is anything but small. So far this year, an impressive £4.6 million has been raised for charity through 21.7 million micro-donations. 

This steady growth has culminated in a significant milestone: Pennies has now raised over £45 million for more than 850 charities from over 187 million digital micro-donations. For customers, it’s a way to contribute without hassle. For businesses, it’s a chance to show commitment to social responsibility. And for charities, it’s a steady stream of support that can make all the difference. 

The beauty of micro-donations lies in their wide-reaching impact. The charities benefiting from these donations are diverse, ranging from local community projects to larger global initiatives. The decision on which charities to support typically involves a collaborative effort between the eCommerce platform, Pennies, and sometimes even customer input. Each donation, though modest, contributes to a substantial sum that aids various charities in carrying out their vital work.

Join JH and Pennies the Micro-donations in eCommerce Movement

Our work with Pennies isn’t just about integration; it’s about inspiration. By embedding micro-donations in eCommerce platforms, we’re helping our clients become part of a larger story – one where every transaction has the potential to contribute to a greater good. This approach has resonated deeply with our clients, who recognise and value the opportunity to give back in a manner that’s seamless and significant. 

We’re inviting you, our clients and readers, to be part of this exciting initiative. Integrating micro-donations into your business isn’t just about being socially responsible; it’s about being a leader in the new era of eCommerce. It’s about showing that your business cares and is committed to making a positive impact in the world. 

So, let’s take this step together. Get in touch with us at to integrate micro-donations into your strategy and watch as small changes lead to significant transformations. With JH and Pennies, the future of eCommerce is impactful. 

If you want to learn more about Pennies and why micro-donations in eCommerce are paramount, you can learn more with Alison Hutchinson CBE at Meet Magento 2023.