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Our top 5 favourite Halloween campaigns in eCommerce for 2022!

We hope you all had a fun-filled Halloween weekend if you do celebrate this time of year! If you work within eCommerce however, you’ll know that Halloween marks the start of what can often be described as a ‘nightmare’ (pun intended). Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and Boxing Day sales are just around the corner…

So why not distract yourself with a less serious read for a change and take a look at what have been our favourite Halloween campaigns in eCommerce this year!

Here are our top 5

Party Delights

This one was stumbled on in the midst of a very last-minute, fancy dress purchase, we’ve all been there…

‘Prepare for a night full of frights with Halloween party essentials including spooky decorations, terrifying props and creepy costumes for the whole family. Turn your home into a house of horrors for a Halloween celebration to remember!’

Party Delights dedicated an entire section of its website to Halloween. Discounts including 20% off costumes and 50% off decorations are clearly highlighted and promoted on the homepage. All products are also neatly categorised, making it even easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, excellent news for the last-minute fancy-dress shoppers!

Baker Ross 

This example was found by a concerned parent of a three-year-old who desperately wanted to carve a pumpkin. I’m sure parents of young children will attest to why this would be a terrible idea and that’s where Baker Ross comes in! Baker Ross offer craft supplies for Children, and knowing that many parents were about to be faced with a whole new wave of tantrums this Halloween, the company curated a designated section and product offering on-site to help parents out! (Thank you Baker Ross!) 

‘Stock up on Halloween craft materials and get creative with a huge selection of Halloween craft ideas that are guaranteed to put a spell on your little ones. From pens, paints, felt and more – we’ve got it all covered. Which Halloween crafts will you be getting your teeth into first?’

Baker Ross has taken the bundle offer route with its craft kits and party supplies, encouraging customers to take advantage of the great savings available. Using ‘popular right now’ ribbons also adds urgency, aiming to show customers that they shouldn’t be the ones to miss out. Offering exclusive deals like this is a great approach for boosting sales on Halloween. 


A great example from one of our own clients now! Woodie’s is the largest DIY store in Ireland offering a plethora of products from homeware to power tools. 

This year, Woodie’s introduced the ‘The Haunted Home Event’. The campaign features a catalogue filled with design inspiration for the scariest night of the year. Spot the creative use of tablescaping too (glassware, table decor, candles fit for a queen – or a witch…)

Graham and Green 

Another one from our clients, this time it’s Graham & Green! Appealing to the luxury decor market, Graham & Green wanted to make the most out of this time of year, without making a big song and dance about the holidays. Alas, the Autumn seasonal catalogue was born! 

A beautiful, autumnal catalogue that can be downloaded directly from the G&G site, a great option for showcasing new products whilst piquing the curiosity of new customers. 

As you can see, there are a whole host of ways that eCommerce businesses can get involved with Halloween. And with so many creative and fun campaigns to choose from, there’s sure to be something that will work for your business too. It just goes to show that there’s something every industry can do to make the most of the holiday season. 


For those of us who want to head out to Halloween parties but aren’t keen on the idea of green face paint and broomsticks, there’s ASOS…

‘Stay tuned for some ghoulishly good heels, terrifying T-shirts, bewitching jackets and more, if you dare…☠️’

We recently spotted the ASOS fashion team sharing their top Halloween picks. This selection of clothing items is paired with the brand’s trademark sassy copy and creative inspiration for looking good on Halloween without having to play dress-up!

If you want to spend more of your time reading fun articles like this one, rather than stressing out about the busiest time in eCommerce…Talk to us…We can help take the load off! We help businesses across the eCommerce sector level up their thinking, break through growth blockers and unlock the next level of potential for their online stores. If you’d like to find out what partnering with JH might look like for your business, contact us on +44(0)115 7940060 or