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Powering eCommerce: Understanding Magento 2.2

Magento has been in the long process of updating their offerings to enhance user experience – for those shopping and for developers building the websites. The long-awaited Magento 2.2 release is no different.

What does Magento 2.2 bring?

Magento B2B

Recognising the enormity of the evolution in the B2B marketplace in the eCommerce landscape, Magento’s features specifically for merchants offering B2B selling are only set to propel that growth.

  • Company account management. B2B merchants will easily support their clients’ accounts with multiple buyers in varying multiple organisational structures.
  • Quote engine. Customers can convert a cart to quote instead of sending an order. The merchant can then answer to it setting up the prices and adding any comments
  • Credit purchases. Companies are able to choose payment on credit. The new improvement is that merchants can adjust different credits for different companies and edit those options constantly.
  • Order by SKU. Usually when B2B customers are purchasing, they are re-ordering products they have ordered in the past. The new release is sure to have an easier way for customers to reorder by SKU number when purchasing.
  • Updated APIs for ERP integrations. Web APIs will be available for all new features, including company accounts, users & company structure, company credit limit & credit transaction, shared catalog creation, quotes and requisition lists.

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Magento Shipping

Shipping is one of the most painful aspects of the eCommerce business of any size, and so Magento decided to take care of this problem and found a perfect solution: in collaboration with Temando — a leader in providing merchants with a perfect software for a complete shipping process — they’ve developed a new product called Magento Shipping, with features that’ll ensure:

  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Less cart abandonment
  • Seamless automated fulfilment
  • Improved access to global markets for merchants
  • Enhanced customer experience

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Magento Business Intelligence Essentials

Simply put, BI Essentials can provide you with integrated data from Magento and Google Analytics. Here are the benefits:

  • Pull data directly from your CRM database, rather than you having to import it
  • Have all your data combined in one hub
  • Integrate many of your business’s systems with the platform
  • Use analytics whatever your skillset, due to its ease-of-use
  • See the data that matters most to you, as it’s fully customisable
  • Restrict what metrics can be seen by other users
  • Tap into third-party extensions for data leveraging (BI Pro only)
  • Divide customer segmentation further than most other competitor tools
  • Find out who your most valuable customers
  • Login wherever you are, as it’s cloud-based
  • Access live support (BI Pro only)
  • Measure your marketing campaign’s ROI

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On top of this, as well as some security updates and bug fixes, Magento also plan on introducing some new features that should optimise the all-round efficiency of online stores – making your customers happier and earning you some more cash.