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Step into the future of e-commerce

Harness Progressive Web App (PWA) technology to create ultra-fast, engaging shopping experiences. For a nominal difference in project cost, merchants can unlock faster speed, higher sales, and easier iteration.

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Combine the best of the web & native apps

Mobile-first approach. Combining the best of the web and native app. Feels like an app, works like a website. They look and feel like native apps. They're free and flexible like websites. Represent the best practices for websites and applications. Users save PWA's directly from the browser: web mode > installation > app mode.

Reach more customers

Provide more engagement

Generate more revenue

Iterate more quickly


Many eCommerce customers are now mobile first, some are mobile only. In this environment, speed and convenience are key differentiators for online businesses. Responding to this shift in expectations, browser developers have given us Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Fast Loading

A PWA can be launched from a home screen and ready to use in less than a second, rivalling and often beating native apps.

Smooth Interaction

With PWA, merchants can take a leap forward, offering a high-performance, mobile-first experience that ensures smooth interactions for the user.

More Engaging

A PWA encourages engagement and meaningful interaction from the user through native app functionality, such as push notifications.

Easy Install

PWA’s provide significantly reduced time for customers to install the app by allowing them to download directly from the webpage.



The inherent properties of the web platform also means they can help businesses solve real problems, from unlocking higher revenue to lowering operational costs.

Wide Reach

Because PWA are just websites, they’re fully linkable. They can therefore be discovered through organic and paid search.

High Loyalty

Encourage return customers through an easy install app, push notifications and offline functionality.

Low Maintenance

PWAs solve the maintenance challenges of managing both a website and a native app, with reduced costs and more benefits.

Nimble Architecture

PWAs operate under a ‘headless architecture’. In layman’s terms this means businesses can deploy frequent UX changes and experiments more easily.


See the results for yourself

Big brands who have implemented PWA for their websites are already reporting strong results.

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3.8x Faster average page load time


53% Increase iOS mobile sessions

West Elm

15% Increase in average time spent


97% Increase in clicks to hotel offers

What we can do

JH has a track record in excellence when it comes to mobile design and technical solutions. We're using that expertise to help clients navigate the opportunities of PWA and create next-generation Magento stores.


Identify how your business can best take advantage of PWA features.


Create slick app-like experiences that go far beyond responsive design.


Establish a Magento solution that can grow with your business.


Improve your experience and operations to drive commercial growth.


Real site. Real sales. Real speed. This isn’t just a demo.

UK Meds

For this thriving online pharmacy, we created a PWA that could more than keep up, setting a new standard for performance on the Magento 2 platform.

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  • +30% growth in orders
  • 300x faster than previous platform
  • 5x5x faster than Magento 2 Platform

Find out what PWA can do for you

From quick questions to project proposals, get in touch today and we’ll help your business navigate the exciting possibilities of Progressive Web Apps.