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Our Top 5 Black Friday Campaigns in eCommerce…

It’s that time of year again; customers queuing for hours to get into a department store, only to get into a raging fist fight over the last half-price TV. 

Savvier customers however, are now turning to eCommerce sites to shop those deals in the comfort of their own home. And savvy retailers, they know how to target these customers! 

We asked our Marketing Manager, (and serial online shopper) Emma, to share her favourite Black Friday campaigns from eComm brands. 

1. Missoma – You’re a VIP (and we’ll Plant a Tree!)

Missoma’s approach to Black Friday this year (so much so that I signed up and subsequently spent far too much money with them!). They asked site visitors to sign up in order to be ‘on the list’ to access the Black Friday deals. By taking this approach, they encouraged new site visitors to sign up to their newsletters, whilst keeping them engaged until Black Friday hit. But it wasn’t all about selling and acquiring new customers for Missmo, they collaborated with treesisters and planted a tree for every order received on Black Friday. Savvy and socially responsible.

2. Xercise4Less – Go yellow for Black Friday

Next up is a JH client! I really liked how Xercise4Less offered new customers the opportunity to find out more about their Black Friday deal without actually giving away all the details. Using paid social as the marketing channel (and some clever targeting / retargeting), Xercise4Less encouraged intrigued potential customers to register in order to find out more. This provided Xercise4Less the chance to increase opt-ins and conversions whilst forming strong relationships with new customers. 

3. Amazon – Personalised Black Friday Deals 

I really liked Amazon’s alternative approach to rewarding their loyal customers rather than using Black Friday as an opportunity to gain new customers and opt-ins. Their existing customers received personalised orders, dependent on their order history. This meant they received deals that were relevant to them, thus increasing brand loyalty and repeat purchases, as well as making them feel like a special customer!  

4. asos – Cunning Codes, GOGOGO! 

As a loyal asos customer myself, I can’t deny that this excited me. Asos do some fantastic marketing surrounding special codes and are well-known in the eCommerce world for being masters of customer psychology when it comes to creating a sense of urgency and ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out). Their Black Friday campaigns are no different, with bold headline offers, catchy codes and humorous small print.  

5. REI – Opt-out of Black Friday (Wait, what?)

The outdoor clothing brand REI, took a whole new approach to their Black Friday campaign. As in, the didn’t participate, at all. There were no special deals or discounts or chances to sign-up to a newsletter. There was however a hashtag and some great content to engage both new and existing customers, encouraging them to step into nature rather than shop for Black Friday deals!