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Why Challenging Constants in Marketing and eCommerce is Vital

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and when it comes to marketing and eCommerce, challenging constants and staying ahead of the curve isn’t just about adopting the latest technology or design trends. It’s all about challenging constants, pushing boundaries, and rewriting rules.

Rory Sutherland, a thought leader in behavioural science and advertising, delivered an incredible talk at the recent Dotdigital summit that got our wheels turning. Here’s why challenging conventional wisdom is more than just revolutionary – it’s necessary. 

The Power of Perception

First things first – marketing isn’t just about product placement or flashy ads, and we need to challenge those who think it still is. Challenging constants in marketing and eCommerce is all about understanding how people think.  Rory Sutherland suggests that how people react to products or services is heavily influenced by their own, wider personal experiences.

Let’s say your eCommerce shop usually promotes a hot new pair of running shoes by emphasising their ergonomic design and durability.  That’s all well and good, but consider pairing this product with a fitness guide, a curated playlist for running, or even interactive community challenges. In doing so, you’re not just selling a product; you’re selling a lifestyle.

 Instead of sticking to tried and tested methods, consider the psychology of your customer. It can open doors to engaging and innovative campaigns. 

Rory Sutherland at the DotDigital Summit 2023

Ask the Right Questions

Asking the right questions is crucial when it comes to challenging constants in marketing and eCommerce. Just because it’s the way it has always been done, does it mean it can’t be done better?

By asking the right questions, we can uncover new avenues and think of solutions that really address the heart of the problem. If you challenge the status quo, you can potentially change the entire perspective. It’s not about being argumentative; it’s about finding and solving problems.

Creativity as a Tool, not a Luxury 

Many perceive the creative side of marketing to be flashy graphics and ads. However, the most creative person in a marketing team is the creative thinker. The person that can problem solve and find ways to break new ground.

Creativity is a fundamental asset for effective marketing, and it should be an integral part of your toolkit. Instead of simply showcasing product features, why not find a way to show how the product fits into the customer’s life? The norm is focusing on a product’s immediate utility, but you can challenge that by taking time to really get to know your customers and promoting a lifestyle around your product. 

As Sutherland rightly says, you can’t rush the creative process. Don’t be afraid to experiment, even if the results aren’t immediate. 

Navigating the Data Maze

Ah, data – the buzzword that’s on every marketer’s lips. Here’s a reality check: data has its limitations. Sure, it’s a great tool for validation, but don’t let it dictate your entire strategy.

Not all aspects of consumer behaviour can be quantified, and we should embrace this complexity rather than shy away from it. The limitations and biases of data require us to go beyond numbers and delve into human behaviour. The intangibles – emotions, perceptions, and experiences – often hold the key to understanding your audience. 

While accounting and data are essential, an over-emphasis on them will stifle innovation. Striking a balance between data and creativity can pave the way for groundbreaking work.

Challenging Constants in Marketing and eCommerce with JH and Super Payments

On October 31st, we joined forces with Super Payments at The Ivy in London for a breakfast event that was anything but ordinary. Our special guest, Stacey Copeland, former Pro Boxer and Commonwealth Champion, shared her inspirational journey, embodying the spirit of resilience and the importance of challenging the status quo in marketing and eCommerce.

For those who attended, it was a morning of enlightening conversation and invaluable insights into how to disrupt norms and drive growth within their industries. It was an event designed for retailers who are not just part of the game but are eager to change it. If you’re looking to stay two steps ahead, keep an eye out for future events and insights brought to you by JH.