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The Breakthrough Agency.

Delivering 23% turnover growth, redefining Magento performance


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The sure cure

With a team of accredited doctors and pharmacists, UK Meds can prescribe and deliver a range of medicines directly to patients who otherwise struggle to access traditional providers due to work, travel or illness. 

But with traffic and orders rising exponentially, their bespoke eCommerce platform couldn’t keep up. 

Like all our clients, they have the ambition to revolutionise and lead their market. After implementing a highly bespoke PWA solution that increased turnover 39%, they’re now well on their way.

Trust me, I’m the Doctor

UKMeds are proudly one of the first pharmaceutical companies to be able to offer a same and next day delivery service to their customers. 

With a service that’s second to none they needed a new site to keep up with demand.

They also wanted to set even higher standards in an area where there are ethical issues.

Many competitors aren’t stringent enough when selling medicines online and they wanted to be known as one of the more reputable companies, with strong links to the NHS.

Improving the prognosis

We knew a progressive web app would be the perfect solution for a site that would be fast, sleek and able to cope with peak demand.

It would help us pioneer new security and identity verification systems which would prevent misuse of the service without affecting the user experience or conversions.

A new look and feel communicated trustworthiness, with messaging that reassured new customers around authenticity, privacy and pricing. 

New back-office systems empowered their prescribing team of doctors and pharmacists and made it frictionless for customers to easily manage repeat prescriptions.

Getting the right prescription

Our development team built a headless architecture for the website. 

This approach separates the back-end and front-end. Magento handles the store data and business logic, while a bespoke React solution serves a sleek user interface. 

This meant we were able to achieve:

  • Optimal customisation and performance in PWA, while also delivering the project in timelines expected of a standard Magento implementation 
  • An average “time to interactive” over 3G that is 4x faster than other UK Magento retailers (4 seconds v 16 seconds) 
  • Custom API integrations for third-party features like Algolia (search) and Trustpilot (reviews) to serve via PWA without taking a performance hit

Just what the doctors ordered

UKMeds are a brave company who required a brave agency to fulfil their vision.

We’re proud to have supported them every step of the way to becoming an established pharmaceutical brand that customers trust and depend on.

The new progressive web app has already proved itself able to cope with peak demand, helping the company adapt to new regulations in record time and powering growth.

The result so far? A 39% turnover growth since launch.