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PWA for UK Meds redefines performance on Magento

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About the brand

With a team of qualified doctors and accredited pharmacists, UK Meds combines GP surgery and pharmacy into one online service that can deliver a range of medicines direct to the door. Their discreet and convenient fulfillment of prescriptions is invaluable to people who otherwise struggle to access traditional providers due to factors like work, transportation, and illness. A TrustPilot score of 9.2 from 7,000 reviews reflects a focus on high quality service.

The challenges

UK Meds saw demand for their offering grow exponentially as people became comfortable using an online provider for their healthcare needs. With traffic and orders rising, their bespoke eCommerce platform struggled to keep up. Amongst a range of problems, frequent crashes and usability issues were key points undermining the customer experience, and ultimately preventing UK Meds from taking important steps towards further success.

Our approach

JH were brought in by UK Meds to implement a market-leading website that would empower their business aspirations. Migrating them to Magento 2 would provide a much more powerful foundation for the store, offering the stability to handle peak demand, and the flexibility to support their unique operational needs. We identified an opportunity for UK Meds to innovate further by harnessing the potential of Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

What we produced

We approached the project from two angles. Our design team conducted a range of research activities to propose improvements throughout the key customer journeys. Aside from simple usability issues, we addressed potentially deal breaking concerns about authenticity, privacy, and pricing. This enhanced customer experience was complemented by a refreshed brand identify that improved the accessibility and trustworthiness at the surface level.

Meanwhile, our development team built a headless architecture for the website. This approach separates the back-end and front-end, with Magento handling just the store data and business logic, while a bespoke React solution serves a sleek user interface. As a result of the inherent flexibility, we were able to achieve optimal customisation and performance in the PWA, while also delivering the project in timelines expected of a standard Magento implementation.
Sonassi was selected as the hosting provider. As a highly modular, next-generation container platform, Sonassi seamlessly provides hosting for both the underlying PHP platform and the Node application alongside it. PWA can add complexity to the technology stack, requiring load balancers being capable of re-routing of requests to different endpoints (PHP containers or JS containers respectively). But Sonassi made this simple by with native support for PWA applications.Making the leap from a Magento monolith to a decoupled PWA can be a complex, but rewarding endeavour. With Sonassi, we take away all the complexity.

The Results

  • 300% faster than previous platform
  • 5x faster than Magento 2 store
  • 30% growth in orders

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