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Meet Magento UK 2023 Rewind: Pennies

Charity inclusion wins for everyone

At JH, we like to practise what we preach and doing our bit for charity is non-negotiable. With that commitment underpinning every Meet Magento UK planning session, 2023 saw us partner with Pennies, a leader in digital micro-donations.

The outcomes were astronomical for Pennies and the charities they support, underscoring the importance and potential of conference networking for charities within the eCommerce sphere.

Let’s go back to Meet Magento UK 2023

As we opened the doors of Meet Magento UK in 2023, we were celebrating its 12th year, and 6th with JH as hosts. Behind the scenes, there was a ripple of poorly disguised excitement; we knew we were onto something big. We had something that would set the industry on fire and that would change partnerships between eCommerce and Charity providers going forward. 

The Meet Magento Uk 2023 stage with the word INSPIRED on the screen.

However, even JH, which operates under continuous electrifying momentum and breaks through any and every wall, never expected the impact to be quite THIS huge.

Utilising precisely what we envisaged our version of MMUK to be, we united a room packed to the brim with Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source merchants, developers, and technology partners with the CEO of Pennies, Alison Hutchinson CBE.

Empowering E-commerce with Purpose

Alison delivered an impassioned and igniting keynote, delving into “Why It’s Good, To Do Good: The Importance of Purposeful Brands in the Current Economic Climate.” 

She shared compelling insights on why brands today are embracing purpose, not just as a moral imperative but as a business strategy, particularly emphasising the role of micro-donations facilitated by Pennies.

Alison’s session illuminated the critical need for the charity sector’s support and how businesses can play a crucial role in this ecosystem. She highlighted how consumer trends showed solid preferences for making small, frequent donations and urged the room to take note of the transformative power of collective contributions.

Ultimately, she removed the final blocker: tech issues. Pennies’ own Magento 2 extension offers a simple solution enabling eCommerce platforms to seamlessly integrate micro-donations.

What more did the room need to know? Clearly, they’d heard enough.

Since their session at Meet Magento 2023, Pennies has seen exponential growth, capitalising on this platform for the well-deserving charities they serve.

Alison Hutchinson, CEO of Pennies, in the middle of her Meet Magento UK 2023 talk, looking out to the crowd.

Stats in a nutshell:

  • 1 to 15 Agency Partnerships – coming into MMUK 2023, Pennies had just one agency partner, but this has rocketed to fifteen, all utilising Pennies’ simple API within their client integrations.
  • 200 Million donations – Pennies have raced past their previously projected usage, with over 200 million customers hitting “Yes” when asked to round their payment up for charity.
  • £50 million in donations – Pennies overall donation amount has surpassed the phenomenal amount of £50 million in charitable contributions provided to those in need.
  • 980 Charity partners – That’s a whopping 980 charities that have benefited from consumer donations via eCommerce.
  • 23p Average donation – With such a tiny average donation, just 23p, consumers are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to charitable causes without putting undue pressure on their finances.
Alison Hutchinson, CEO of Pennies, in the middle of her Meet Magento UK 2023 talk.

Looking Ahead

JH and Meet Magento UK are proud to facilitate the discussions and innovations that pave the way for a more charitable e-commerce environment. 

By inviting Alison and Pennies to take centre stage, we are mindful of the power within the Magento Community and how we can all contribute to a broader societal good. 

Contact Pennies via their website for more information on microdonations within eCommerce.

We want to do more! 

If you’re a charity partner with a message to share, Meet Magento UK 2024 is the place for you. Contact the Meet Magento UK team at and let’s make a difference together. 

Not got your Meet Magento UK 2024 tickets yet?

We know we’re biased but having just finalised the agenda, we know this year is going to top everything we’ve done so far. Whether you’re coming for networking, the insights, the education or everything AND the afterparty, #MMUK24 tickets are flying out the door faster than we can keep up.