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The Breakthrough Agency.

Podcast: How to move from reactive to proactive eCommerce

With over a decade of experience supporting eCommerce businesses with not only their website builds, but their digital transformation and growth strategies, we know a thing or two about building roadmaps to help brands outperform their competitors.

Our CEO, Jamie Huskisson, was recently invited onto the How We Solve Podcast to share his insight into how to move away from reactive strategies, and focus on building a proactive roadmap to support eCommerce business’ growth.

If you missed the live broadcast – today we’re sharing the recording, so you can learn his best tips and tricks and how you might apply them to your business planning.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why taking a proactive approach to your strategy can help you get ahead of your competitors and grow your market share
  • How to begin to build out your business goals into a plan and roadmap for the future
  • Which KPIs could be the most important in measuring your success and how to approach choosing them
  • The strategy for success Jamie uses at JH and how that translates into actionable steps towards achieving company goals
  • How to leverage your team’s knowledge and expertise to inspire proactive growth and improvement
  • Why you should set your goals higher than you might first think (and what that achieves)
  • And crucially, how to develop your own unique business strategy that isn’t a “copy and paste” of your competitors’!

Catch up below: